Great Lakes Teaching Resources

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*These books will be provided to participants during the institute.


Additional readings will be suggested during the institute.



Web Sites for Great Lakes Information


Great Lakes Information Network  


Great Lakes Environmental Atlas and Resource Book


EPA Great Lakes National Program Office


Great Lakes Science Center 


Michigan Sea Grant                                             


T.E.A.C.H. Great Lakes                                              


Lake Superior Fish                                             


Bell LIVE UMD Education


Center for Great Lakes Environmental Education


Michigan DEQ Environmental Education           


Michigan Department of Education.  2000.

Michigan Curriculum Framework: Interactive Links to Content Strands, Standards, and Benchmarks. 


Understanding Lake Data (a PDF guide)


Water on the Web (University of Minnesota)

Contains pdf version of Primer on Limnology and access to real-time data on Minnesota lakes using robotics




Great Lakes Aquarium at the Lake Superior Center in Duluth, MN

Keweenaw Interdisciplinary Transport Experiment in Superior (KITES)

Project Coordinator:  Sarah Green, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department,

Michigan Technological University   

Historical and current maps of Lake Superior are under "other images"

1993-98 comparison of Lake Superior surface temperatures

Index of satellite images for Lake Superior and other Great Lakes