MTU Science & Engineering Students in Area Schools


After School Science Program ~ Fall 2001


Student Reflections


“I have very much enjoyed this teaching experience and look forward to teaching another group of students in the winter.  It gave me such a warm feeling inside to see the joy on the children’s faces when they would complete the activity.”

-Abby Brinks, Senior, Civil Engineering


“This experience was invaluable for me, whether or not I decide to pursue teaching.  Developing patience, understanding, and the ability to teach at different levels are skills that can be applied in any career path I choose.”

-Britt Forslund, Senior, Mathematical Sciences


“I learned that being a teacher might be something that I would like to pursue sometime in the future.  I learned how to break science concepts down into simple, easy ideas that young children could more easily grasp.”

-John Frick, Senior, Mechanical Engineering


“I really got to know the kids. Through this program I have had the opportunity to see what it is like to be called the “teacher.”  This was an invaluable experience to have before

 student teaching.”

-Margaret Adams, Senior, Mathematics


“Overall, it was an incredibly rewarding experience that didn’t feel like work.  Being able to go out to area schools and interact with the teachers and students was a great privilege, which I really enjoyed!  Furthermore, this experience has allowed me to consider the possibility of becoming a teacher after having worked in the chemical engineering industry, which is something I would have never considered had I not participated in this program.”

-Cara Toneys, Senior, Chemical Engineering


“Participating in this program is by far the most exciting job I have ever had.  Everyday that I presented a lesson to a class I learned something new.  I thank you for this opportunity and I just hope that this class has benefited the students I have taught as much as it has helped me.”

-Chris Davidson, Senior, Mathematics


“Not only was this teaching experience remarkable, it has further improved skills crucial to both my academic and professional career.  I really enjoyed teaching the after-school program, and I looked forward to my classes every week.  Teaching elementary students helped relieve my stresses from college.”

-Naomi Tillison, Senior, Environmental Engineering


This was possibly the most enjoyable job I have ever participated in.  The challenge and ultimate reward of seeing the children respond and understand the forest concepts I was teaching was incredible.”

-Dan Sutton, Senior, Civil Engineering


“If I were given the opportunity to teach again I would take it.  To watch someone learn something new and discover why it happens is remarkable.  To know that I helped, is another thing on its own.”

-Melanie Nizzola, Sophomore, Civil Engineering


“I feel that I have benefited greatly from this job in ways that will help me both academically and in my future career.  Being involved in the After School Science Forest Fun Program has showed me that this would be the perfect job for me to look for once I graduate.”

-Michelle Niemela, Senior, Forestry