Fall Registration for Grades 1-6

After-School SCIENCE & MATH Classes


The Western U.P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education will offer After-School Science & Math Classes this Fall & Winter. The cost of After-School classes for 15 students per 6-week class will be $375 for 2007-08 ($25/student). Students may be charged all or a portion of the cost. The Center selects and trains Michigan Tech University students who are juniors, seniors or graduate students majoring in science and engineering fields to teach these fun, hands-on, inquiry-based classes. The Center develops the curricula so that all activities connect to Michigan Content Standards for math and science, and provide activity kits for each lesson. Classes are conducted for 90 minutes, once per week, for 6 weeks. We encourage schools to provide an assistant for grades 1-3 classes. Please submit requests to: Joan Chadde at 906-487-3341 or or FAX 906-487-1620 for 2007-08 school year by September


After-School Sessions available for 2007-08 school year:

For Grades 1-2 (or Gr. 1-3)

       Under Our Feet: erosion, rocks v. minerals, mining & recycling, sand/soil, and fossils.

       Amazing Animals: wiggly worm experiments, animal adaptations, insect investigations

       Insect Friends: explore body parts, major insect groups, adaptations and ecology.

       Science Explorers I: characteristics of objects, sound, forces, flight, simple machines


For Grades 3-4

       Outdoor Investigations: explore trees, wildlife, insects, and ecological relationships outdoors (fall/spring)

       Michigan Ecosystems: explore food chains, Michigan ecosystems, cycles, biodiversity, and more

       Science Explorers II: electricity, air pressure, physical/chemical properties of water, simple machines

       Fractions Are Fun I: explore how fractions represent a portion of a whole, use equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions, and add and subtract fractions


For Grades 5-6 (or Gr. 4-6)

       Chemistry for Kids: explore chemical reaction all around us and properties of common chemicals.  Use chemistry to solve crimes and to make ice cream and silly putty.

       Alternative Energy LEGOS: design and build vehicles powered by solar, water & wind energy

       Engineering Challenges: construct bridges, towers, tunnels, and other structures.

       Microscopic Exploration: use microscopes to investigate good and bad bacteria, and microbiology in our lives.

       Fractions Are Fun II: explore how fraction are used in games of chance, convert fractions to decimals, multiply and divide fractions, and express fraction as percents.

       Human Body: explore your senses, make models, and investigate the systems in the body.


Session Dates: Oct. 22-Dec. 7, 2007 Jan. 28-March 7, 2008


Class Logistics: Students typically have supervised play on the playground after school, then eat a snack (either provided by school or student), and attend after-school classes from 3:30-5:00 PM.


Schools are asked to:

      Manage student registration for After-School Classes and report numbers.

      In-school supervisor for MTU student to report student problems.

      Provide after-school snacks for students


The Western UP Center provides registration flyer and all activity materials.

Grade 1-6 After-School Science Classes

~ 2007-08 School Request Form ~



Please provide the information requested below. Check all of the programs and session dates that will work for your school. Return form to Joan Chadde by Friday, Sept. 28, 2007 via FAX to: 906-487-1620.


School Contact ________________________________________ Email ______________

School Name _________________________________________ Phone ______________

School Address ___________________________________________________________


1. Check all program session dates that youre interested in:

___ Session #1: Oct. 22-Dec. 7, 2007 ___ Session #2: Jan. 28-March 7, 2008


2. Circle all days of the week that will work.

Cross out days that WILL NOT work for conducting the After-School Classes at your school:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

3. Check all programs and age groups* that youre interested in having.

a. TOTAL number of Grades 1-2 (or Gr. 1-3) classes requested for Fall 07: _______ for Fall 08: _______.

_____ Amazing Animals _____ Science Explorers I

_____ Under Your Feet _____ Insect Friends

b. TOTAL number of Grades 3-4 classes requested for Fall 07: _______ for Fall 08: _______.

_____ Science Explorers II _____ Outdoor Investigations

_____ Michigan Ecosystems _____ Fractions Are Fun I

c. TOTAL number of Grades 5-6 (or Gr. 4-6) classes requested: ______ for Fall 07: ______ for Fall 08: ____.

_____ Chemistry for Kids _____ Alternative Energy LEGOs

_____ Microscopic Explorations _____ Engineering Challenges

_____ Fractions Are Fun II _____ The Human Body

4. Can your school provide someone to assist with Gr. 1-2 classes? YES NO

Who will this person be: ____________________ Circle: parent aide teacher


5. Who will the onsite MTU-student supervisor be at your school?

Name/Title: _______________________________________________________________

Tel: ______________________________ Email: __________________________________


FAX to Joan Chadde at 906-487-1620