Want to provide After-School Science classes for your K-6 students?


A National Science Foundation grant at Michigan Technological University will provide funding for MTU students to teach fun, hands-on After-School Science classes for elementary students in area schools. Classes are offered once per week, for 4-6 weeks, for two age groups: grades 1-3 (limited to 12 students) and grades 4-6 (limited to 15 students).


After-School Sessions available for 2002-03 school year:

      Forest Fun (for Grades 1-3 & 4-6): ecology & biology activities (outdoor fall & spring)

      Amazing Animals (for Grades 1-3): biology and life science activities

      Chemistry for Kids (for Grades 4-6): chemistry and biology activities

      Science Explorers (for Grades 1-3 and 4-6): physical science and engineering activities

      Alternative Energy LEGOS (for Grades 4-6): learn about energy and build cars and other structures powered by solar, water & wind energy


Session Dates: Oct 7- Nov 15 Jan 27-March 14 April 7-May 2


Class Logistics: Students have supervised play on the playground after school, then come into the school for a snack (provided), and participate in classes from 3:30-5:00 PM.


In order to participate, the school must provide:

      Student registration for After-School Classes and report numbers to Center.

      In-school supervisor for MTU student to report to and handle student problems.

      Teacher or parent assistant for each class.

      Transportation (if necessary) for the Forest Fun class to a school forest or outdoor site.

      After-school snacks for participating students (school may charge $5 fee per student)

      Classroom with tables and chairs, such as a science lab or art room.


WUPCSMEE & MTU will provide:

      Trained MTU student instructor & age-appropriate activities for each class

      Registration flyer to send home with students

      All activity materials

      Reimbursement to MTU student for travel to your school.


To participate in the program, complete and fax the attached form to 906-487-1620.

For more information, contact: Katie Walch at 487-3341 or kewalch@mtu.edu


We will allocate students according to requests. The availability of MTU students is limited. School requests will be met on first-come, first-served basis. Please respond by September 9, 2002.


Coordinated by Western U. P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education with funding from MTU Dept of Engineering Fundamentals

Grade 1-6 After-School Science Classes

~ Registration Form~


Principals Please provide the information requested below. Tell us all of the programs and session dates that will work for your school. Let us know if any days of the week will not work for your school, due to conflicts with other after-school activities. Please respond by September 9, 2002.


School Contact ________________________________________ Email ______________

School Name _________________________________________ Phone ______________

School Address ___________________________________________________________


1. Check all program session dates that youre interested in:

_____ Oct 7- Nov 15 (6 weeks)

_____ Jan 27-March 14 (6 weeks, with the week of March 3-7 off for MTU spring break)

_____ April 7-May 2 (4 weeks)


2. Check all programs and age groups that youre interested in having:

a. Grades 1-3 _____ Amazing Animals _____ Forest Fun

_____ Science Explorers

b. Grades 4-6 _____ Chemistry for Kids _____ Alternative Energy LEGOs

_____ Science Explorers _____ Forest Fun


3. If you checked Forest Fun, what site will you use for the class? And how far will it take to drive there:____________________________________________________________

Can your school provide bus transportation for your students to the site? YES NO


4. Can your school provide a parent, aide or teacher to assist with every class period? YES NO

Who will this person be: ____________________ Circle: parent aide teacher


5. Is your school willing to distribute the after-school flyer and manage registration? YES NO

6. Who will the MTU student supervisor be in your school? _______________________________

Tel: ______________________________ Email: __________________________________


FAX your form to Katie Walch at 906-487-1620 by Sept. 9, 2002.

Thank you. We will let you know by September 20, 2002 which after-school classes will be available at your school.