MTU Science & Engineering Students in Area Schools


After School Science Program 

~Winter/Spring 2002~


Student Reflections


“Each program, class, age group, and school district made for a unique experience each time I taught.  I will remember the techniques and strategies I learned while teaching in this after school program, they will be valuable later in my career.”

Erin Randall, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering


“I knew little to nothing about teaching children in classroom environments before this job.  Now I have learned so much that has been so valuable!!  I have learned how to create and use lesson plans.  I have not only gained valuable experience in teaching and dealing with children, but also with communicating with others such as parents, supervisors, etc.”

Brigette Currie, Sophomore, Environmental Engineering


“Teaching children was a very satisfying job; it was a great feeling to be a role model for the children and also to know that I am helping to mold the futures if the children, I simply loved my teaching job!”

Naomi Tillison, Senior, Environmental Engineering


“I gained confidence in my ability to organize and present lesson plans and to control a groups of elementary students.  I also feel that I gained confidence in general public speaking.”

Laura Burnette, Senior, Geology


“This job re-sparked my interest in some areas of basic science and energy concepts.  The things I learned from this teaching experience can be applied in many ways to my academic and professional career.”

Abby Brinks, Senior, Civil Engineering


“It was a good feeling to know that I taught these students something that I felt was important and that they enjoyed learning.  It was not only a fun job, but a very rewarding one also.  In addition to this, I have noticed that I am no longer nervous about speaking in front of a group after my involvement with the After School Science and Family Science Night Programs.”

Michelle Niemela, Senior, Ecology