After-School Science Program

Supervisor Evaluation SUMMARY - Fall 2001


This evaluation form should be completed by the person who supervised the MTU student instructor or had the most opportunity to observe the After-School Science classes at your school. Your answers to this survey will remain completely anonymous—so please be honest!  The responses on this form will be analyzed in aggregate form only, and are a requirement of our National Science Foundation project evaluation.  On a scale from 1-10, with 1 = strongly disagree and 10 = strongly agree, how much do you agree with the following statements?  Place the number which best corresponds to your feelings next to each statement.  Please add your comments at the bottom. Fax to 906-487-1620  by November 20, 2001.


    Strongly                  Neither Agree                        Strongly

    Disagree                  nor Disagree                           Agree



      1     2       3      4       5      6      7      8      9     10


This first set of statements refers to the MTU students who were the After-School Instructors


1.        9.7    The MTU student was ready to begin the class at the designated time.

2.        9.7    The MTU student was a positive role model for the elementary students in his/her class.

3.        9.8    The MTU student had adequate knowledge and background for the course that he/she taught.

4.        8.9    The MTU student used effective teaching techniques for the course that he/she taught.

5.        8.2    The MTU student used effective classroom management techniques.

6.        9.6    The topics covered and the activities conducted were age-appropriate and effective with the students in the class.

This second set of statements refers to the After-School Science Program.


7.        9.8  The After-School Science Program provides a valuable opportunity for our students to enhance their content knowledge in science.

8.        10   The After-School Science Program provides a valuable opportunity for our students to increase their enjoyment and improve their attitude about science.


Please write responses to the following questions.

9. Please suggest ways to improve the After-School Science Program.

·   Excellent program.

·   They need to be prepared for poor weather.

·   In my building in the future, I will make this available for 2nd & 3rd, excluding my 1st grade. I felt they were too young to attend properly

·   This is an excellent program for both MTU student instructors and elementary students! It is very well planned and covers all bases.

·   Talk to teachers to align after-school lessons to in-school lessons.

·   Start the program early in the Fall, right after school starts and maybe run another in late spring.

·   It would be nice to see the Program have more than six meetings.  Great way to have fun all winter long.

·   The After-School Science Program has been great.  Those running the program should continually look for new activities and then rotate the most successful ones.

·   I thought it went very well.  Perhaps next time an agenda could be given to the students so they know what will be offered every week.  They all wonder what we are going to do next.  They all expected to do rockets every week.

·   The students thoroughly enjoyed the MTU student and the activities he planned.  He carried them out as well as any teacher I've seen.  He was very prepared.

·   Students were ready to leave around 4:30.  Their attention span didn't carry through to 5:00.  I would suggest 3:15-4:30


10. Please describe any concerns that you have about the MTU student whom you supervised.

·   The student is a natural with kids! I was very impressed!

·   No concerns. The student represented MTU in an exemplary manner.

·   The student did a great job! - 2

·   The student was super with the kids - enthusiastic, caring, and patient!

·   We enjoyed having the MTU student in our school!  The student had a challenging class but handled it well

·   The lessons were well planned and informative.

·   The MTU student was cooperative and well prepared.  The students loved her.

·   The MTU student conducted the class very professionally and had very informative lessons.

·   The MTU student was a great role model for the kids.  - 2

·   The students thoroughly enjoyed the MTU student and this class.

·   None.  The MTU student was very dependable and thoughtful about his teaching.

·   None.  The MTU student was very good!

·   The MTU student was very dependable.

·   The MTU student was very good with the students.  In the future I would like to spend some time working with MTU on effective classroom management techniques if it is okay with you! (principal)

·   Program was long when ran until 5:00 PM.