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Complete List of After School & Day Camp Program Offerings - Short Descriptions(PDF)

Winter 2015 PDF Flyer:



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Winter 2015 PDF Flyer

After School Science - 6-Week Winter Session ~ Mondays, Jan. 19-March 2
(7th week is for snow day make-up classes)
Classes meet from 4:00 - 5:30 pm at MTU's Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC)

Gr. 1-3   Under Your Feet Rocks! 

Kids love rocks! This class will develop children’s observation skills by having them examine the characteristics of different rocks. They will then investigate various Earth Science concepts, such as different landforms, what is the Earth made of, and how do volcanoes work? They will compare the erosion of different materials, mine for chocolate chips (!), look at material reuse/recycling, compare the texture and other characteristics of different soils, and lastly, go on a dinosaur dig!
Instructor: Marcy Erickson, B.S. Forest Resources & Applied Ecology and science teacher certification

Gr. 4-6   Chemistry for Kids      

Kids will experience the fun of chemistry without balancing equations or learning all of the periodic table elements! Instead, they’ll create Chemical Reactions---where gas is released, or a new substance formed, or heat produced. They’ll make observations about differences in density, make a red cabbage pH indicator to measure how acidic a substance is, investigate characteristics of various liquids and solids, and solve a “crime” using chromatography.

Instructor: Denise Landsberg, MTU graduate, B.S. Biological Sciences and Environmental Educator.


Cost:  $75/student 
Pay by credit card:  Call MTU Cashier 487-2247 (Your space is not reserved until payment has been received.)
Questions?  Call 487-3341
Note:  Houghton school bus will drop off students at the GLRC by 3:45 pm.


Video of Afterschool Science Program from 2013


The Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education coordinates six-week After School Science Classes taught by Michigan Tech University students majoring in science and engineering. The After-School classes provide fun, hands-on, inquiry-based activities for students in grades 1-8 during three sessions of the school year: fall, winter, and spring. The Center develops the curricula so that all activities connect to Michigan Content Standards for math and science, provides activity kits for each lesson, and recruits and trains the MTU students.

For more information, contact: Joan Chadde at 906-487-3341 or Schools may submit requests using the registration form (pdf) and fax to: FAX 906-487-1620 .

For more information contact:

Joan Chadde at or 487-3341.

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