Michigan's Birds of Prey

Wildlife Encounter Assembly Program 


For  Grades 1-12 students in Houghton, Baraga, Gogebic & Ontonagon Counties
 May 28-31, 2002




The Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education is coordinating assembly requests for the Birds of Prey Assembly Program available from Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC). We will offer another week of these MUCC assemblies next fall.


This program will give your students the opportunity to see LIVE wildlife up close.  The program features different types of birds of prey, such as eagles, owls, falcons and hawks. The presenter will address adaptations, habitats, threatened/endangered animals, etc.  The program is adjusted to meet the needs of each grade level. 


Assemblies may be planned for up to 250 students at one time.  Assemblies are 45-55 minutes, depending upon the age of the audience.  Kindergarten is not allowed due to the controlled environment the room needs to maintain during the program.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS 3 PM, FRIDAY, MARCH 15.


Program Costs  (these costs are lower, because the Western UP Center is doing the logistics!)

    First assembly at a school:  $300

    Second assembly:  $150*

    Third assembly:    $100*

    Fourth assembly:   $100*

** If assembly is in the same school and in the same place.




REGISTRATION FORM  (due by Friday, March 15, 2002)



School :__________________________________________Contact person: ___________________________

Phone:_____________________________  Fax:______________________E-mail:______________________

Circle all of the dates that work for your school:

Tuesday, May 28           Wednesday, May 29      Thursday, May 30          Friday, May 31


List your preferred times for the Assembly & the grades attending:

1)   Times __________________________                 Grades Attending:  ____________________

2)       Times __________________________                 Grades Attending:  ____________________

3)       Times __________________________                 Grades Attending:  ____________________

4)       Times __________________________                 Grades Attending:  ____________________







Please FAX your reservation form by Friday, March 15 to: 

Joan Chadde   Email:  jchadde@mtu.edu      Tel:  906-487-3341      Fax:  906-487-1620

Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education

Eagle photos from US Army Corps of Engineers