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Science Discovery Assembly Programs at Area Schools

~ Monday-Friday, March 4-10, 2003 ~


Imagine a python wrapped around your neck! Maybe if you are in the Amazon rainforest, but not in the Upper Peninsula where its 0 degrees outside!! However, 2200 area school children will get the opportunity to touch a live 45-pound python, millipede, and lizard this week, as part of the assembly programs being conducted by Science Discovery, Inc. of downstate Columbus, MI. Mike Roberts, owner of Science Discovery, will be visiting nine schools in Houghton, Baraga and Gogebic counties from March 4 through March 10 to conduct a variety of programs for grades K-6 students.  The Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education is hosting the Science Discovery Assembly Programs at schools in the Copper Country and Gogebic-Ontonagon ISDs.

            “The interest from schools has been overwhelming! We have scheduled the assembly programs for every morning and afternoon this week, plus evening shows. I know we’ll have to invite them back next year so he can visit the schools that missed out this year,” explained Joan Chadde, assembly coordinator for Western Upper Peninsula Center. “Students have been super enthusiastic!”

            Science Discovery assembly programs are 45 minutes long. Five different shows are available to choose from: Creepy Critters Can be Cool, Tropical Rainforest, Back to Bones, Homeward Bound, and Animal Tales. Each show allows students the opportunity to pet at least one animal. Mike Roberts, owner of Science Discovery, Inc., established the business in 1989. Science Discovery staff  include an animal trainer and professional entertainer. Animals are housed in a USDA licensed facility. Programs are designed to make learning come alive.

            Three different Science Discovery Programs are being offered at area schools this week:


Animal Tales (Pre-school & Gr. 1) uses live animals to illustrate four stories that are read aloud to the students. After each story, a live animal featured in the story is shown and questions about





that animal are answered.  The stories include: The Boastful Bullfrog, There Is An Alligator Under My Bed, and The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate The Wash.


Creepy Critters Can Be Cool (K-6) presents the differences between insects and arachnids, as well as the differences between amphibians and reptiles.   Both live insects (large!) and a few models of insects will be shown to students.  Typically, a giant hissing cockroach, a millipede, and a rose haired tarantula are used. Common student misconceptions are addressed and misleading information is explained.  In the second half of the show, a large species of frog is used to discuss the unique characteristics of amphibians.  In addition to the frog, a lizard, an American alligator and a large python are shown to illustrate the similarities and differences between amphibians and reptiles. As students leave the room they will be able to pet a python!


Tropical Rainforest: A Circle of Life (K-6) uses live rainforest animals to explain food chains, photosynthesis and how animals and plants interact for the long-term benefit of all.  A giant hissing cockroach, a frog, a tarantula, and a giant millipede are used to illustrate the carnivores, herbivores and decomposers that comprise the food chain typical of rainforests. Students will also learn about the most famous type of rainforest animal¾a macaw, which is the largest of the parrots.  A large python is displayed at the end of the show which students can pet as they leave the room!

            To request an assembly program for next year, contact:  Joan Chadde, Assembly Coordinator

Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education at Michigan Technological University.  Email: jchadde@mtu.edu ; Tel:  906-487-3341; Website:  wupcenter.mtu.edu 

OR  to learn more about Science Discovery:  www.sciencediscoveryshows.com




Science Discovery Assembly Program Schedule for March 4-10, 2003 is attached.