Wild Things Need Wild Places

by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz


Assembly Program Dates:     


September 28-30, 2004



Dear Principals and Teachers:


The Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education will once again host assembly programs by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz for K-12 schools in the Copper Country ISD and Gogebic-Ontonagon ISD on Tuesday-Thursday, September 28-30. Jim performed his “The Web of Life” assembly program in area schools in 2002.* This assembly program will offer new songs and photos.

Program Description:  Walkin’Jim Stoltz’s assembly program includes slides of his many treks and inspiring, interactive songs that share his passion and love of wild places.  This year, Jim will present “Wild Things Need Wild Places,”  an entertaining and educational that will convey an appreciation and awe of the natural world, respect for wildlife, the interconnectedness of all things in nature, concern for preserving habitat, and the need for humans to live in harmony with their environment. Jim is a Michigan native who had made his home in Montana for the past twenty years. He returns to Michigan to perform for a couple months each fall. Since 1974, Jim has walked over 24,000 miles on annual months-long backcountry treks through America’s last wild places. To learn more about Jim, visit his website:  www.walkinjim.com  which includes a kid’s page, photos, trail stories, poetry, music, and more.


Program Length:  50-60 minutes, depending upon the number of questions from students.


Equipment/Set-Up: Jim needs a room that can be darkened for showing his slides. He tours with all of his own equipment, including projectors, lights, sound system, and a 10x10-foot screen. It takes Jim approximately 90 minutes to set up, and about 45 minutes to pack up. He is always grateful for any student assistants that can help him carry his equipment to and from his vehicle.


Cost: $250 per half-day for one assembly and $400 for two assemblies at the same school during one half-day. Half-days are from approximately 8:30-11:30 am and 12:30-3:30 pm. The Copper Country Intermediate School District will send an invoice to your school prior to the assembly.


Jim can do up to four assemblies in one day. He prefers presenting to groups of no more than 125 students. The students get more out of the concert, and can ask more questions.


To Register:  Mail, email, or fax the attached registration form to Joan Chadde by Wednesday, September 15th.  Assemblies will be scheduled on a first-come basis.  Please choose several possible dates and times. Confirmation of the date and time for your assembly program(s) will be sent via email by Monday, September 20.


For More Information:  contact Joan Chadde at 487-3341 or e-mail jchadde@mtu.edu



*Schools that had Walkin’ Jim’s “Web of Life” assembly program in Fall 2002: White Pine Elementary, Lake Linden-Hubbell, South Range Elementary, Ontonagon Elementary, E.B. Holman, Chassell Elementary

Wild Things Need Wild Places by Walkin’ Jim Stoltz

~ Tuesday-Thursday, September 28-30, 2004 ~



Assembly Program Registration

(Registration deadline:  Wednesday, September 15)



School:______________________________________ Contact person: ________________________

Phone:____________________  Fax:___________________ Email:___________________________


Circle all of the dates that work for your school:

Tuesday, September 28                     Wednesday, September 29                Thursday, September 30


Circle the time of day that works for your school:


____    Morning 8:30 – 11:30 am                    ____    Afternoon 12:15 – 3:15 pm



State preferred times and grades that will be attending each assembly:


1)       Times __________________________  Grades Attending:  _______________Number of students: ______

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3)       Times __________________________  Grades Attending:  _______________Number of students: ______


Location of the assembly at your school:  _______________________________________




Please email, fax or mail this registration form by Wednesday, September 15, to: 


Joan Chadde

Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education

105 Dillman Hall

Michigan Technological University

1400 Townsend Dr.

Houghton, MI  49931-1295


Email: jchadde@mtu.edu


Fax:  906-487-1620