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2005-2006 Assembly Programs

MUCC Wildlife Encounter

Birds of Prey & Woodland Wildlife Assembly Programs for Grades 1-12 students
The Western U. P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education is coordinating assembly requests for the Michigan Woodland Wildlife Assembly Program available Monday-Friday, October 3-7, and for the Birds of Prey Assembly Program available Monday-Friday, October 17-21. Both assembly programs are conducted by Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) staff, and give students the opportunity to see several species of LIVE wildlife up close!! If your school would like to request an assembly program, please fax the attached registration form by Wednesday, September 28 to 906-487-1620. Scheduling is on a first-come basis. This is a once-a-year opportunity!

Woodland Wildlife Program ~ Monday-Friday, Oct 3-7, 2005 NEW!!
Michigan hosts many diverse forest ecosystems covering vast expanses of the state. In this program, a variety of live Michigan mammals, birds, and reptiles that inhabit Michigan forests will help to demonstrate the significant role that forests play in maintaining biodiversity and providing a wide array of forest products. While forests are a renewable resource, they need our care to protect and conserve them.

Birds of Prey Program ~ Monday-Friday, Oct 17-21, 2005
Nearly one-third of all Michigan raptors are threatened or endangered. In this program, a variety of raptors (birds of prey), including eagles, owls, falcons, vultures and hawks are used to highlight the beauty of these birds, and demonstrate the important roles they play by avian predators. The presenter will address life history, adaptations, habitats, and the threatened/endangered status of each of the animals.

GROUP SIZE: Up to 250 students at one time. Assemblies are 45-55 minutes.

PRESENTER: The programs will be conducted by Jenny Scullon (jscullon@mucc.org) or Jesse Gabbard (jgabbard@mucc.org), education specialists at the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC). Jenny has a BS in Zoology, and has worked as a wildlife technician and studied the behavior of wildlife in Kenya. Jesse has a BS in Animal Science and has worked as a research technician on projects involving sea lamprey and the Eastern massasauga rattlesnake.

PROGRAM LENGTH: 55 minutes. Please allow 15 minutes between assemblies. Program length can be adjusted depending upon the age of the audience. Kindergarten is not allowed due to the controlled environment required during the program.

SET-UP & TEAR DOWN TIME: 30 minutes to set up and tear-down.

COST: $325 for the first assembly. Prices are for assemblies at same school.
Second assembly: $150*
Third assembly: $100*
Fourth assembly: $100*
**for additional assemblies in the same location.

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