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May 2001
The Center for Science and Environmental Outreach and the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education are coordinating a Lake Superior History Assembly Program for K-12 schools in the Copper Country and Gogebic-Ontonagon ISDs!!  Two outstanding and unique presenters, Lois Beardslee and Ron Hobart, are invited to conduct assemblies at schools in the western Upper Peninsula from Monday, May 14, through Wednesday, May 23, 2001.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have your students experience both Native American culture and early European exploration of the Lake Superior region. Both assemblies are 60 minutes in length, and can be tailored for elementary, middle school, and high school audiences. Both assemblies rely heavily on audience participation.They will be fun, interactive and informative.

Native American Folklore
Lois Beardslee, Native storyteller, author, artist

This program includes story-telling, demonstration and teaching of traditional Ojibwe arts. Listen to some of the stories about Lake Superior, passed down by the Woodland Indians of the Great Lakes. Experience many native materials, such as birch bark, sweetgrass, agates, feathers, and pelts that bring home the message that Lake Superior is alive and indispensable. Watch Lois demonstrate several endangered art forms, including porcupine quillwork, sweetgrass and birch bark basketry, birch bark cut-outs of animals, birch bark bitings and cedar fiber weaving, all while telling Native American stories with a message. No one will leave empty-handed or empty-hearted. Lois Beardslee is an Ojibway woman artist, author, and storyteller.She has presented at schools and state/national parks throughout Michigan. Her presentation is designed to give students a modern view of Native Americans and an opportunity to learn about their relationship to the Earth and natural resources.

Spirit of the Voyageur 'LaSalle Presentation’
Ron Hobart, storyteller, musician, paddle-maker

This assembly is a unique and inspiring program that portrays the 17th century voyageur, Louis Baron, garbed in authentic clothing—muslin shirt, canvas pants, wool socks, moosehide moccasins. Ron will sing and tell lively stories of his fellow voyageurs as they travel the woods and waterways of North America while co-existing peacefully with the Indians.  Students will enjoy story-telling, music and audience participation. Ron Hobart has been presenting programs on the lifestyle of the voyageur to schools, camps, elderhostels, and corporate groups since 1980. He paddled from Montreal, Canada through the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico on an 8-month, 3300 mile expedition, re-enacting LaSalle’s 1682 claiming of the Mississippi River Valley for France. He traveled with 24 men over the same portages and waterways as their 17th century counterparts. This experience provides depth and zest to his performances.

Lake Superior History
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For more information, contact Joan Chadde (487-3341 or or Shawn Oppliger (482-4520 or Take advantage of this excellent educational opportunity!!!

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