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School Projects 2002
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2nd Annual Earth Day 2002
“Kids CAN Make A Difference” Program

More than 1100 students from twenty-seven school and youth groups from Baraga, Houghton, and Gogebic Counties participated in the 2nd annual “Kids CAN Make A Difference” Program in celebration of Earth Day 2002!! The program is sponsored by the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education, the Copper Country AmeriCorps, and the Wege Foundation. “This program encourages students to make a difference in their schools and communities by learning about, protecting and improving the environment. The students who conducted projects this year are very excited about their work.” explains program coordinator, Katie Walch.

~Area Students’ Projects~
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Baraga High School

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Sarah Geborkoff’s 7th grade Science classes conducted a community and highway clean-up project in the town of Baraga. Seven groups of students, each with a chaperone, were assigned an area to clean up. They were hoping to improve the appearance of their town not only for the people who visit the area, but also for the residents of Baraga.
L’Anse: CJ Sulllivan Elementary
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Heather Grentz’s 5th grade Science classes organized a recycling campaign. They collected item such as newspaper, cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs for several weeks. Before bringing their recyclables to the Houghton Rycycling station, they separated everything into categories to observe the amount of material they were saving from having to be placed in a landfill. Many of the students were impressed with the amount of “garbage” they generate that can actually be recycled.
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
1st Grade students in Michelle Seppanen’s class learned how to make paper. They collected old paper from home and then recycled it in their classroom to make new paper. They then wrote Earth-friendly messages and poems on their new paper and displayed them for other students to see.

Calumet: C-L-K Elementary
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Students in Amy Kumpula’s 1st grade worked to spread the message about not littering. They made posters to be displayed in their school to encourage other students not to litter and to pick up garbage they may find. They also planted vegetables such as carrots, and flowers in their classroom that were later brought home and planted. Amanda LaBonte and Leah Hein, students in Mrs. Lehto’s 5th grade, helped to clean up their schoolyard by picking up trash. They also planned on planting flowers around their homes to beautify their yards.
Chassell: Chassell HS
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Freshman students in Eric Rundman’s Technology Education class built bird nesting boxes. They investigated the proper size and location of the boxes for local bird species and put up the boxes in a wooded area behind the school.

Hancock: Hancock HS
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Four of Kerry Kostamo’s Science classes conducted Earth Day projects. These students, grades 9-12, were involved in several different projects. One group of students built bat boxes and hung them up around the school and at their homes, another group conducted a schoolyard clean-up project at the elementary school. A third group went to the elementary school to teach younger students about Earth Day, and a fourth group did storm drain stenciling and a trail clean-up project.
Hancock: Hancock Elementary
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Darlene Spelich’s 5th grade students conducted a schoolyard clean-up project, with the help of local high school students. They also made paper which contained flower seeds. These papers could then be planted in the ground. They sent these paper flower cards to family and friends with an Earth Day message encouraging them to plant the card.

Bessemer: Washington Elementary
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Jonelle France’s 1st grade students collected brown paper bags from a local grocery store. They decorated them with Earth Day messages and gave them back to the store to distribute. The class also cleaned up the Bessemer City Park by picking up trash and raking.

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Naomi Ropiak’s grade 1-3 students learned about the rainforest. They studied the plants and animals that live in the rainforest and learned how fragile this environment is. They also constructed a rainforest bulletin board in the hall to share what they learned with other students.

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Students in Sherri Nyquist’s third grade class conducted both an email campaign and an Adopt-A-Stream project for Earth Day. First, the students wrote emails to five people they knew giving them 5 tips to help the environment. They encouraged these five people to pass the message to five other people to help spread their tips about protecting the environment. They also conducted an Adopt-A-Stream project in the spring to learn more about how simple human actions can hurt the environment.

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Debbie Lekies and Kellie Haeger’s 4th grade students completed a flower growing investigation and beautification project at their school. They first conducted experiments to determine the best soil, light, and amount of moisture for several different kinds of plants. They then planted these starter plants in the ground outside the school. During the summer, students are planning on taking turns weeding and watering their new flower garden.

Grand Prize Winners!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winners, selected by drawing from all entries!

Earth Day Tool Kit-Grade K-5 age group
Houghton Elementary: Shirley Outinen, Grade 1
Our Lady of Peace School: Roberta Fabbri, Grades K-6

Full day Spirit of the Voyageur field trip with Ron Hobart, Grade 6-12 age group
Hancock HS: Kerry Kostamo, Grades 9-12
Wakefield School: Mary Toomey, Grades 7 & 8

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