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School Projects 2002
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2nd Annual Earth Day 2002
“Kids CAN Make A Difference” Program

More than 1100 students from twenty-seven school and youth groups from Baraga, Houghton, and Gogebic Counties participated in the 2nd annual “Kids CAN Make A Difference” Program in celebration of Earth Day 2002!! The program is sponsored by the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education, the Copper Country AmeriCorps, and the Wege Foundation. “This program encourages students to make a difference in their schools and communities by learning about, protecting and improving the environment. The students who conducted projects this year are very excited about their work.” explains program coordinator, Katie Walch.

~Area Students’ Projects~
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Houghton: Houghton MS
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Eighth graders at Houghton MS, under the supervision of Shannon Leidi and Jim Luoma, started a recycling program at their school. They distributed office paper recycling containers to each classroom and each week they go around to each classroom and collect any paper that can be recycled. They also collected aluminum and plastic recyclables from the cafeteria. All of the materials that the students collected was brought to the Houghton Recycling Station. Many students also picked up trash in the school yard and along the bike trail in Houghton. All students planted red pines in conjunction with Earth Day and Arbor Day and also cleaned the Huron Stream late this spring. Students also designed Earth Day/Recycling posters to be posted throughout the school and found, typed, printed, and cut one sentence earth-related facts to be distributed to shoppers on Earth Day.
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula

Houghton: Houghton Elementary
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Kindergarteners in Jayne Johnson’s class with the help of Beth Bryden learned about bats. They studied bats and then built several bat house to put up in their school forest and schoolyard. They also worked to make art projects out of recycled material.

Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
1st graders in Shirley Outinen’s class conducted a schoolyard clean-up project for Earth Day. They cleaned up the school playground and surrounding area in order to help keep it beautiful.

Houghton: Brownie Girl Scout Troop #168
Earth Week in Western Upper Peninsula
Brownies in Troop #168 conducted a street clean-up project entitled “Earth Day Community Clean-up - One Street at a Time” The girls, along with their families, collected trash along city streets in their neighborhood. City Manager, Scott MacInness, donated trash bags for them to use and provided a drop off site for their trash.

Lake Linden: Lake Linden-Hubbell Elementary
Students in grades K-6 conducted several Earth Day projects this year. Grade K-3 students colored brown paper grocery bags with Earth Day messages and gave them back to Louie’s SuperValue to distribute in the community. They also designed a logo to go on cloth bags that were sold by students. Students in grade 4-6 participated in a schoolyard clean-up project and also designed Earth Day coloring books for the grade K-3 students. The drawings were printed on recycled paper and distributed to the younger students.

Grand Prize Winners!

Congratulations to our Grand Prize winners, selected by drawing from all entries!

Earth Day Tool Kit-Grade K-5 age group
Houghton Elementary: Shirley Outinen, Grade 1
Our Lady of Peace School: Roberta Fabbri, Grades K-6

Full day Spirit of the Voyageur field trip with Ron Hobart, Grade 6-12 age group
Hancock HS: Kerry Kostamo, Grades 9-12
Wakefield School: Mary Toomey, Grades 7 & 8

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