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Fall 2007
School Solicitation Flyer Registration Form Fall 2007

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Engineering & Science Majors
Teach After-School Science Classes for Grade 1-8 Students in Area Schools After-school science classes

The Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education coordinates six-week After School Science Classes taught by Michigan Tech University students majoring in science and engineering. The After-School classes provide fun, hands-on, inquiry-based activities for students in grades 1-8 during three sessions of the school year: fall, winter, and spring. The Center develops the curricula so that all activities connect to Michigan Content Standards for math and science, provides activity kits for each lesson, and recruits and trains the MTU students.

Classes are conducted for 1-1/2 hours, once per week, at schools in the 20 school districts in the five western counties of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Classes are limited to 15 students. For more information, contact: Joan Chadde at 906-487-3341 or Schools may submit requests using the registration form (pdf) and fax to: FAX 906-487-1620 .

After-School Sessions available for the coming school year:

For Grades 1-3

  • Under Our Feet: erosion, rocks v. minerals, mining & recycling, sand/soil, and fossils.
    Amazing Animals: wiggly worm experiments, animal adaptations, insect investigations
    Science Explorers I: characteristics of objects, sound, forces, flight, simple machines
    Outdoor Investigations: explore trees, wildlife, insects, and ecological relationships (fall/spring only)
    Science Explorers II: water cycle, weather, energy, changes in matter
  • Insect Friends: explore body parts, major insect groups, adaptations and ecology.

For Grades 4-6

  • Outdoor Investigations: explore trees, wildlife, insects, and ecological relationships (fall/spring only)
    Chemistry for Kids: mix, dissolve, measure, conduct experiments, and investigate chemistry
    Alternative Energy LEGOS: design and build vehicles powered by solar, water & wind energy
    Engineering Problem-Solving: constructing buildings, bridges, tunnels, and other structures.
    The Human Body: learn about muscle groups, skin, senses, health, and stamina
    Microscopic Exploration: microscopes, good and bad bacteria, and microbiology in our lives.
  • Science Explorers: electricity, air pressure, physical/chemical properties of water, simple machines

For Grades 7-8
Energy & Resources: explores environmental sustainability by examining how much energy and resources we use and potential global consequences.Investigating Chemistry is full of fun, lab experiments and activities such as how do you know it's a chemical reaction, identifying the mystery solution, investigating which clear liquid is water, and more.

Microscopic Explorations explores the world of tiny organisms using microscopes to learn about bacteria, algae, and microfossils! Discover out how some bacteria are helpful to humans, while others can be harmful and make you sick. Solve the food poisoning mystery! Find out is you have bacteria growing on your hands, the door knob, or in your mouth? Use some helpful bacteria to make root beer and bread.

After-school science classes After-school science classes After-school science classes

Program Evaluation

Both MTU student instructors, their on-site supervisors, and the elementary students
participating in the program complete evaluations. Their suggestions are incorporated into
improving the program administration and content for the next semester.

Michigan Tech Student Comments Fall 2001
Michigan Tech Student Comments Winter/Spring 2002

School Superviser Evaluation Fall '01
School Supervisor Evaluation Spring '02
School Supervisor Evaluation Winter 02

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For more information contact:

Joan Chadde at or 487-3341.

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