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    Communicating Science ~ Students’ Quotes

    ED 3510 & ED 3511 Communicating Science ~ Summary of Students’ Reflections Fall 2006

    How Have Your Experiences in the Communicating Science Class and Presenting at Family Science Nights Contributed To Your Future Academic and Professional Career?

    Nana Manteaw, junior, Psychology
    I have improved my communication skills and self confidence to present to students or large groups of people. Presenting these lessons to these kids, I learned that one has to understand the lesson in order to teach it effectively. I learned that demonstration helps kids learn faster and more effectively. Overall, I think this class was helpful to increase my confidence level with presentation. I enjoyed every Family Science Night, especially knowing that I helped elementary school children learn science and apply it to their daily life.

    Jesse Silverman, graduate student, Geological Sciences & Engineering
    <I believe> Undergraduate and graduate science curriculums should include instruction and experiential training on effective means of communicating science to ordinary citizens. This course has introduced me to the delights of seeing kids excited by science and by their own inquiry. I only wish that there was a sequel to this class focusing on communicating science to people with power: politicians and people in the news media.

    Theresa Liermann, graduate student, Environmental Engineering
    The experience gained from presenting is invaluable towards what I hope to be doing in my professional career and personal life. My career goal is to become an environmental engineer in developing countries and therefore will use my presentation and communication skills on a daily basis. More than likely, I will be dealing with people who have little or no education, which somewhat reflects an elementary student in the United States. I will have to explain whatever it is I am working on for their village in a way they can understand and relate to. Overall, I really enjoyed Family Science Nights because it provided an experience outside of the engineering curriculum. Hearing the responses from the parents and students has boosted my confidence and enhanced the hope I have for future generations to love science the way that I do. In addition, my presentation skills have improved ten-fold from taking this course.

    Shawyn’que Tabb Ganger, junior, Psychology and Business
    This whole experience has been a very good one. In the Psychology field, I will be working constantly with people. I will be working with children of all ages and this experience has given me the confidence I need. This class has helped me to think on my feet and to be able to relate what I am talking about to many different frameworks of thinking and many different situations.

    Communicating Science ~ Students’ Quotes
    Fall 2003

    Drew Manninen – Senior – Mechanical Engineering
    "I feel that I have learned a lot from this class. I never thought that I would actually enjoy teaching…but I had a good time presenting to these kids. I also feel that if I had taken this class earlier in my college career I would have strongly considered changing my major, but since I am graduating in 4 days it is a little late to change my major! The experiences that I did have during this class can be used towards my engineering career. I also have a new respect for teachers that have to teach everyday, because it is not that easy of a job. In the future, if I do not find an engineering job, or am not happy with my job, I will definitely consider teaching."

    Rich Bellenbaum – Junior - Mechanical Engineering
    Communicating Science has been, by a wide margin, the most useful class I have taken at Michigan Tech.
    "I know that Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials are necessary for my major, but they are not the skills that will help you get hired or sell a product. Before taking this class I was constantly nervous in public speaking situations, or even just being in the front of a classroom. In the beginning, I was really nervous to be in the Communicating Science class, but I stuck to it and I believe it was extremely beneficial. Ieven had a good time interacting with the students and parents."

    Melody Ward – Senior – School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences
    "This class has been one of the most valuable experiences of all of my classes at Michigan Tech. None of my other classes has had such wide-reaching effects on my life. The most important contribution this class made to my academic and professional career was helping me to decide that I want to be an elementary school teacher. I have been going to school, being interested in my major but not wanting to do work in it, and wondering what I am going to do with my life. The experience I had in this class made me realized that I enjoy teaching and would like to do it for a living. It was good to get experience teaching before deciding that I wanted to teach. I have spoken to students getting their teaching certificate who have never taught before?their first experience is going to be student teaching. This class has given me an idea as to what teaching elementary-aged kids will be like. "

    "The presentation skills that I have gained have helped me in every class that requires a presentation. Making presentations is so much easier now. This experience has improved my presentation skills and helped me to be more organized and less nervous before and during a presentation. The lesson plan outline is an important tool that helps lay out everything that is needed. This has also been one of the most enjoyable classes that I have taken! "

    Tasha Hernandez – Senior - School of Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences
    "WOW! This class has been quite the experience! Not only have I made new friends with the people I have met through traveling to the other schools, but I have also gained an interest in becoming a teacher. For now, this class has helped me to get a job that I will enjoy working with kids and teaching them knowledge that I believe to be important---knowledge about the environment. It has also helped me to improve my speaking skills in front of large groups because believe it or not, it can sometimes be harder to speak in front of children than adults, since they have the most unexpected and well thought questions that even an expert may not be prepared to answer in a way that they would understand."

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