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Forest Family Night Program

1K-6 Lake Linden-Hubbell School District ~ Family Forest Night
  Exploring the Forest and What Lives There

  6:30-8:00 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2007


Families should gather next to the log classroom building at 6:30 PM and divide into SEVEN groups: 
Pre-K, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3-4, and Grade 5-6.  Parents should accompany their youngest children.  Each group will participate in a 60-75 minute activity.  Refreshments will be available in the log classroom at 7:45 PM.  Enjoy a beautiful fall evening in the forest!


1Pre-School Group ~ What Do You See?

How do senses help scientists? We will use four of our senses to explore the forest--listening for nature sounds, taking “snapshots,” playing a smelling game, and feeling  a variety of forest objects!

Presenter:  Joan Chadde, Western UP Center for Science, Math & Environ. Education

1Kindergarten Group ~ Beau-TREE-ful
How do trees help people and animals? How do trees grow? What are the parts of a tree?
Presenter:  Cara DeForge, MTU student, Biology & Chemistry Education

Gr. 1 Group  ~  Amazing Trees
What do trees need to live and what do trees need to grow? How do the parts of a tree help it survive? How can we tell the age of a tree?
Presenter:  Mary Martin, Community Volunteer

1Gr. 2 Group  ~ The Green Grass Grows All Around

How is grass different from other plants? How is grass useful to humans and animals? How can you tell different kinds of grass apart? Taste some different grasses tonite!
Presenter:  Kyle Brill, MTU student, Geological Sciences


Gr. 3 Group ~ Soil or Dirt?!

Is all the soil the same? Sample soil with a special tool and compare! We need soil for growing trees, crops, and gardens---so how can we keep soil from washing away?
Presenter:  Michelle Balk, MTU student, Environ. Engin. an d Kyle Lis, MTU student, Computer Systems

Gr. 4 Group ~ Plants Rule!

How do plants help us? Can you find the part of a plant that helps us breathe? Build houses?
Presenter:  Lindsey Tuominen, MTU School of Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences

Gr. 5-6 Group ~ Spider Math

Can you name the nine different types of spiders in the UP? Learn how to ID spiders by shape and web. Do a Spider scavenger hunt and see how many YOU can find!

Presenter: Anne Colins, MTU Graduate Student, School of Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences



Refreshments in the log classroom at 7:45 pm after the activities.


Conducted by the Western U.P. Center for Science, Mathematics & Environmental Education

Assistance provided by Michigan Tech Departments of Education and Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences,

with partial funding from the Lake Linden-Hubbell School

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