Ways to Deliver Family Science Nights

1) School Science Coordinator sets up series of 8-10 “activity stations” for K-6 parents & students to rotate through.

2) Teachers set-up a self-explanatory hands-on activity for their grade level, in their classroom. Families visit class-rooms and do activities. Teachers available for questions.

3) Contract with private company, nature center, or other organization.

4) Send an administrator, teacher and parent to attend a Family Math & Science Leadership Workshop.

5) Trained Family Science facilitator offers family science sessions as a “class” that parents & students attend weekly for 3-6 weeks.

6) Other ideas - October 1996 issue of Science & Children is devoted to ‘family science’ describing a wide variety of programs:
~ Saturday Science
~ Super Science Sleep-Over
~ Family Nature Walks

7) Purchase: Family Science by David Heil

8) Collaborate with a university or community college (i.e. Education Dept) to involve university students in the delivery of a family science program.
~ Recruit a student organization to conduct science nights.
~ Establish a special course to train students to be presenters.