Family Science Nights Benefit Everyone!
Why Family Science Nights?
Value to Children:

  • Have “fun” doing science.
  • Bring scientific learning to family unit.
  • Encourage doing science at home with everyday materials.
  • Spark children’s scientific interest by allowing them to manipulate objects and participate actively.
  • Allows interaction with “practicing scientists.”
  • Provides forum for presenters to share information about careers in science.
  • Stimulates parents’ interest in science and their children’s science education.
  • Research shows direct link between parental attitudes and student achievement.
  • Builds connections between classroom science and the real world.
  • Demonstrates life-long learning amongst parents.

Why Family Science Nights?
Value to Parents:

  • Provides an excellent opportunity for intellectual interaction with their children.
  • Increases parents’ scientific interest and knowledge.

Why Family Science Nights?
Value to the University
  • Benefits University students.
  • Brings University presence into local schools—promotes goodwill in local communities.
  • Increase future enrollment?!?

Why Family Science Nights?
Value to University Students:

  • Rewarding experience
  • Enhanced employability
  • Encourages professional responsibility to help create scientifically-informed citizenry.
  • Provides opportunity to enhance communication skills—essential for successful careers in science and engineering.
  • Provides opportunity for science, math, engineering & technology majors to discover pleasure of teaching K-12 students.
  • Provides real-world "service learning" experience that demonstrates rewards of community involvement.
Why Family Science Nights?
Value to Math & Science Center

  • Enhances the scientific education of students that participate.
  • Provides role models in science and mathematics-related careers for children.
  • Highly visible program in community.
  • Creates community advocates for improved science education.