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Frog Teaching Resources

Monitoring Amphibians:
    Michigan Frog Calling Survey (PDF)
      Michigan Frog Calling Calendar
      Michigan Frog Songs
      Test Yourself by taking the Frog Calling Quiz
        Click on "public quiz" and select your state.

    Frog Malformity Survey (PDF)
    Wetland Types (PDF)

U.P. Frog Malformity Survey
Frog Survey Final Report and Tables for 1999
Frog Survey Tables for 2000
U.P. Frog Malformity Survey News Story (2002)
K-12 Educational Resources for Teaching About Amphibians

NOTE: Related information and resources are also available on the Wetlands Index Page

Other Frog Websites:

  • Michigan Frog & Toad Descriptions and calls.
  • Thousand Friends of Frogs: a wealth of resources.
  • Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force
  • North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations


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