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Upper Peninsula of Michigan ~ FROG SONGS

1. Wood Frog


Hoarse quacking with little carrying power


2. Western Chorus Frog

(Boreal Frog is only found on Isle Royale)

“Crreek” lasts ½ to 2 seconds; similar to sound of fingernail running along fine-toothed comb.

3. Northern Spring peeper

High ascending “peep;” chorus resembles jingling of sleigh bells.


4. Northern Leopard Frog

Deep rattling snore interspersed with chuckling sound of thumb rubbing against balloon.


5. Pickerel Frog

Steady low-pitched snore with little carrying power, similar to Leopard Frog.


6. American Toad

Musical trill lasting up to 30 seconds, ends abruptly.


7. Eastern Gray Treefrog

Short, loud trill lasting up to one second.


8. Cope’s Gray Treefrog

Short, loud trill lasting a half second or less; faster and harsher than Eastern Treefrog; nasally “wa-a-a-a”

9. Mink Frog

Likened to sound of horses’ hooves on a cobblestone street.


10. Green Frog

Similar to the twang of a loose banjo string or large rubberband; usually given as a single note.


11. Bullfrog

Deep bass notes, similar to a foghorn. To hear calls of Michigan Frogs & Toads

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