Science and Environmental Education

K-12 Educational Resources for Teaching About Amphibians

(Activity guides, videos, audio tapes, children's books, references, websites)

Science Curriculum/Activity Manuals:

Acid Rain Teacher's Guide (Great Explorations in Math and Science by Lawrence Hall of Science at University of California-Berkeley (GEMS), Tel: 510-642-7771) Covers acids, bases, pH, ecosystems, and the effects of acid rain on plants, animals, and lakes; eight 50-minute sessions. Grades 6-10

Thousand Friends of Frogs ~ Educator Activity Guide (by Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University at 800-888-2182 or Contains 17 interdisciplinary activities for teaching about frog characteristics, adaptations, habitat, and ecological issues. Grades K-12

Frogs and Toads (Seddon Kelly Beaty ISBN 0-201-49501-5) Interdisciplinary guide to teaching five major concepts: raising frogs/toads; life cycle and anatomy; behaviors and adaptations; amphibian characteristics; and identification and classification. May be adapted to higher grades. Grades K-4

Hands-On Nature ~ Information and Activities for Exploring the Environment with Children (by Jenepher Lingelbach and Lisa Purcell, Vermont Institute of Science (802-457-2779)) Information and activities for exploring the environment with children. See 'Frogs and Polliwogs: Miraculous Transformations, p. 58-65 and 'Life in Still Waters,' p. 114-121. Grades K-6

Let's Hear It For Herps (Naturescope ISBN 0-07-047099-5) Contains activities for K-2, 3-5, and 6-7 for learning about reptiles and amphibians, including metamorphosis, adaptation, cold-bloodedness, and survival issues. Grades K-7

Pond and Stream Safari: A Guide to the Ecology of Aquatic Invertebrates (by Cornell Cooperative Extension) Excellent resource and activities for pond and stream studies.Grades 3-12

Project WET ~ Water Education for Teachers Curriculum/Activity Guide (by The Watercourse @ 406-994-5392) Activities to teach about all aspects of water, through science, math, language arts, art, and music. Grades K-12

WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands Curriculum/Activity Guide (by Environmental Concern and The Watercourse @ 406-994-5392) Excellent resource for activities to teach about all aspects of wetlands through science, math, language arts, art, and music. Grades K-12

Audio Cassette Tapes:

Frogs & Toads of Michigan 13 min. (Contains songs/calls of Michigan's 13 species of frogs & toads)Grades 3-12

Nature Nuts 58 min. (by Marie Miche @ 510-845-8417) Science & ecology songs about wetlands and recycling including "Romp in the Swamp", "Salamanders and Frogs," "Don't Throw It Away," "Nature's Niches." Grades K-6


Amphibians 35 min. (by EyeWitness Videos) Describes amphibian life cycle and anatomy; behaviors and adaptations; and amphibian characteristics. Grades 5-12

The Caterpillar and the Polliwog 5 min. (Video that describe metamorphosis of caterpillars and frogs) Grades K-3

Children's Books:

Animals That Change: Metamorphosis (by Luise Woelflien ISBN 0-525-67496-9) Pop-up, lift-the flap book that describes metamorphosis of ladybugs, butterflies, amphibians, newts, and more.) Grades 2-7

Caterpillar and the Polliwog (by Jack Kent ISBN 0-671-66281-3) Book and video that describe metamorphosis of caterpillars and frogs) Grades K-3

A Chorus of Frogs (by Joni Phelps Hunt ISBN 0-382-24870-8) Stunning photos of frogs around the world; describes adaptations, special characteristics.Grades 4-10

Flashy, Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs (by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent ISBN 0-590-10861-1) Describes life cycles, reproduction, habitat, characteristics and diversity of rainforest frogs in brilliant color pictures. Grades Pre-6

Frogs (by Robin Dexter) Story of the stages of a frog's life. Grades Pre-1

A Frog's Body (by Joanna Cole ISBN 0-688-22228-5) Simple language and stunning Pictures explain the forgs' external body, skeleton, senses, and internal organs; plus its special adaptations for aquatic life.

Frogs: A First Discovery Book (by Gallimard Jeunesse & Daniel Moignot ISBN 0-590-93782-0) Describes life cycle, adaptations, and types of frogs.Grades K-3

The Magic School Bus: Hops Home (by Joanna Cole) Describes wetland habitats.Grades K-4

A New True Book: Wetlands by Emilie U. Lepthien and Joan Kalbacken (Defines different types of wetlands, where they're found, wildlife uses, pollution, and laws)Grades 4-6

One Small Square: Pond (by Donald M. Silver) Detailed description of pond life. Grades K-4

Pond and River (Eyewitness book by Sophie Mitchell ISBN 0-394-89615-7) Discover in close-up the ecology of the plants and animals that make freshwater habitats their home.Grades 3-12

Pond Year (by Kathryn Lasky 0=7636-0112-8) Describes habitats; seasonal changes; and pond life. Grades Pre-4

The Salamander Room (by Anne Mazer) Describes a salamander's habitat requirements. Grades Pre-3

Tale of a Tadpole (Eyewitness Level I by Karen Wallace ISBN 0-7894-3437-7) Follows the life of a frog with siimple, yet excellent photographs. Grades Pre-2

Reference Books:

"A Hopping Good Time: Wood Frogs in the Classroom" by John Shimkanin, et al, in Science and Children, April 1998, p. 34-39.Grades 3-8

Michigan Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders (by James H. Harding and J. Alan Hoffman, Michigan Cooperative Extension, 1992) Describes all 22 species found in Michigan. Grades 7-12

Pond Life (Golden Guide) Common plants & animals of North American ponds & lakes. Grades 1-8

Pond & River by Eyewitness Books. (Discover in close-up illustrations the ecology of plants and animals that make freshwater habitats their home.Grades 3-9

Reptiles and Amphibians of Eastern and Central North America (by Roger Conant and Joseph T. Collins; Peterson Field Guide ISBN 0-395-90452-8) Common reptiles and amphibians of North America) Grades 6-12

Reptiles and Amphibians Golden Guide (Common reptiles & amphibians of N. America) Grades 1-8

Wetlands Plants and Plant Communities of Minnesota and Wisconsin (by Steve Eggers and Donald Reed, US Army Corps of Engineers, 2nd ed.) Describes wetland plants and plant communities of Minnesota and Wisconsin; applicable to wetlands of the Great Lakes Region.Grades K-12

Other Resources and Equipment:

The Pond (48-piece giant floor puzzle of the plants & animals that inhabit wetlands) Grades K- 2

Stream Macroinvertebrate Flashcards (Set of 18 laminated color illustrations of major stream/pond macroinvertebrates) Grades 6-12

Water Chemistry Test Kits LaMotte or Hach tests kits for: DO, pH, turbidity, temperature. Grades 5-12

Grass shrimp nets (D-shape, 3/16" mesh, 12-18" deep net, 72" handle for $15.00 each) Ed Cummings, Inc., P.O. Box 90118, Flint, MI 48509 Tel: 810-736-0130

Frog Websites:

Thousand Friends of Frogs, Hamline University, St. Paul, MN; contains a wealth of resources.

Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force

North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations; info on status of malformities in the U.S.