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Ecology of Lake Superior Course aboard the EPA Research Vessel Lake Guardian

Ecology of the Great Lakes Aboard MTU's Research Vessel Agassiz
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This Institute is designed to teach educators about the physical, chemical, and biological components of the Great Lakes ecosystem, using Lake Superior as the classroom.

This one-week course is designed to enhance the ability of educators to teach about Great Lakes ecology, stewardship and environmental careers. Mathematics; life, earth and physical sciences; technology; and social studies content standards will be woven into the experience. Participants will engage in hands-on data collection and analysis, field trips, lab experiences, and discussions with research scientists.

Participants will take several day-trips on Lake Superior and inland lakes aboard Michigan Tech’s research vessel, Agassiz, to sample water chemistry, zooplankton, phytoplankton, sediment, and benthic organisms.

Participants will discover how toxins move between the water and air, study the impact of aquatic exotics on the Great Lakes, sample frogs as bioindicators of environmental health, and learn how remote sensing is used to gather information about large lakes.

Michigan Tech and St. Cloud State University faculty will present many of the sessions.

R/V Agassiz

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