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Great Lakes Series at the Library

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Great Lakes Series @ The Portage Lake  Library

The Great Lakes Series @ The Library "Challenges to the Great Lakes"

6:30-8:00 pm ~ Monday, April 16

How healthy are the Great Lakes?
Find out the Top Ten Threats to the Great Lakes and how WE can help.

6:30 pm  Can you name the Top Ten Threats to the Great Lakes?

7:00 pm  Participate in hands-on activities at SIX stations (15 minutes each):

1. A-Maze-ing Water - Joan Chadde, Western UP Math/Science Center
Where does storm water run-off go and how does it affect the water quality
of the Great Lakes?

2. How Tiny Is A Part Per Million? – Megan Conley, MTU student, Biological Sciences
Find out how much (how little?) of a pollutant can have harmful effects on
the Great Lakes. (For upper elementary/middle school students and adults.)

3. Stream Macroinvertebrates As Bioindicators – Sarah Molitoris, Applied Ecology
Find out what caddisflies, mayflies and stoneflies can tell us about the health of streams.

4. Test Water QualityChristy Lowney, MTU student, Applied Ecology
Is our water quality healthy for frogs and fish?

5. Benefits of Coastal WetlandsKristina Flesher, MTU student, Applied Ecology
Why are wetlands so important to the health of the Great Lakes? 

6. What Are Invasive Species? - Lisa Sodano, Western UP Math/Science Center
    Investigate the effects of invasive species on Great Lakes ecosystems.

8:00 PM    Set sail for home

Join us on Monday, May 14 for the final event in the Exploring the Great Lakes monthly presentation series. There will be TWO great presentations:

(1) Dr. Marty Auer will lead three FREE 45-minute scientific excursions on MTU’s research vessel Agassiz departing the dock near the library each hour, at 5pm, 6pm, and 7 pm. Dr. Auer will demonstrate how Great Lakes research is conducted. Call the Library at 482-4570 to pre-register for one of the excursions.

(2) Two scientists from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Marquette will show LIVE aquatic invasive species at two 45-minute presentations beginning at 6 pm and again at 7 pm, that will take place inside or outside at the library, depending upon the weather. Ever had a sea lamprey attached to your forehead? No? Well here is your chance! Also on shore, will be displays of organisms and fish found in Lake Superior for close examination by young scientists and the public.


The Great Lakes program series is coordinated by Joan Chadde of the Western Upper Peninsula Center  for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education at Michigan Tech, and funded by the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute and the Wege Foundation.

Everyone is invited to all the future Great Lakes program library events and presentations are free.

More About the Great Lakes Maritime Shipping Education Program and Great Lakes Maritime Shipping Games

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