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Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Summer Institute



Developed by Participants in the 2008 Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Summer Teacher Institute
sponsored by the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (www.glmri.org)

2008 Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Lessons for K-12
(Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, English Language Arts)

Table of Contents


  1. Get Rid of the Waste: Lose Weight & Save Money! by Angela G. Janda 

               2nd Grade, Social Studies, Science

Lesson Overview
Students examine the pennies that they used in the loading process. When first removed from the ground during the mining process, copper may be mixed with other natural elements that are not used to make the penny.  Any material other than the copper that is needed to make the penny must be removed.  Much like pennies are identical in size and shape, taconite is shaped into identical spherical pellets for shipping. 

  1. Cargo Loading Challenge by Angela G. Janda 

            2nd Grade, Social Studies, Science
Lesson Overview
This lesson focuses on the physical science principles of loading cargo in a way that maintain balance and in order to keep a ship afloat on the water. Students gain an awareness that the cost of shipping raw materials (natural resources) is largely based on weight.  Therefore, refining and concentrating raw materials before shipping results in a more valuable cargo and reduces unnecessary shipping weight. 

  1. Adopt-a-Ship: Great Lakes freighters by Fred Kramer

                        4th Grade, Social Studies, English Language Arts

Lesson Overview
Students research and write an informational essay of a Great Lakes freighter.  Using online resources, they also will track their vessel’s location in terms of latitude and longitude over a five day period and calculate the distance traveled in nautical miles.  Collected data will be represented in table form.  All reports will be used to compile a class book.



  1. Great Lakes Maritime Transportation by Kristine Halonen

                        7th and 8th Grade Art

Lesson Overview:
 During this unit, my students will become familiar with the Maritime shipping  industry.  They will learn about the taconite mining processes at the Hibbing mine, the Soo Locks,  the shipping season on the Great Lakes, and cargoes carried by 1,000 footers. Students will incorporate the Great Lakes and Great Lakes shipping into their artwork.



  1. Great Lakes Trade by Josh Sandwisch

                          11th Grade, Economics

Lesson Overview
In this lesson the students will evaluate the importance of Great Lakes shipping and its’ role in local, national, and world economies.  Students will also examine the different aspects of the economic system by focusing on real life commerce in the Great Lakes region.  This lesson will require students to view economic situations,  and mathematical computations that are aligned in the eleventh grade benchmarks for the state of Ohio.  

  1. Exploring Great Lakes Invasive Species by Patty Eaton, Toledo Maritime Academy

            Grade 7-8, Life Sciences

Lesson Overview:
Students will watch a short video clip on YouTube, complete a worksheet and design a poster on invasive Species.

  1. Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Teacher Institute by Tim Sweet

Wrote an article for Great Lakes Digest and created a video of the 2008 Maritime Teacher Institute (http://wupcenter.mtu.edu/education/great_lakes_maritime/index.htm)



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