Great Lakes Water in Motion

7-9 pm, Monday, August 6

School Community Building in Eagle Harbor


Follow water movement in the 5 Great Lakes with these

engaging demonstrations:


1. In One Lake and Out Another 

Watch water moves “downhill” from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Mix It Up!   

Find out how the water in lakes moves with the seasons and changing water temperatures. Use dyes to track the upward movement of warm water and the downward movement of cold water as the water warms in summer and cools in the fall.


3. What Makes Waves?

Find out what causes waves on the Great Lakes.


4. How Does Lake Superior Affect Our Weather

How do the Great Lakes keep us warmer in winter and cooler in summer? Does water or soil gain or lose heat faster?


5. Lock Them Up

Explore a model of how a lock system works to find out how locks help ships move between lakes on their path to the Atlantic Ocean.  How many lock systems are in the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Seaway system?

6. Where Does Great Lakes Water Come From? and What Causes Changing Lake Levels? Groundwater contributes nearly 75% of the water in Lake Superior (varies for each Great Lake). Find out where groundwater comes from, where it goes, and how it can become polluted.


Free! Adults and children encouraged to attend!

Refreshments will follow the program.

Sponsored by Keweenaw County Historical Society Sponsored by the Keweenaw County Historical Society, and conducted by the Western Upper Peninsula Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education, with funding from  the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute and The Wege Foundation.