Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Lesson Plans - Teaching Units

Developed by Participants in the
2006 Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Summer Teacher Institute
sponsored by the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute

Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Lessons for Gr. 3-12
(Mathematics, Language Arts/Reading, Social Studies, Science)

Table of Contents (PDF)

1. Great Lakes Shipping Calamities & The Story of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gr. 6 social studies)
By Judi Vittito and Dan Kust, Northfield Middle School (MN)

2. How Will You Get Your Iron Ore to Market? (Gr. 6-10 science)
3. Boat Building 101: How Can a Ship Carry All That Cargo and Still Float? (Gr. 6-10 science)
4. Lighthouses: Guardians of Ships (Gr. 6-10 science)
5. Hazards of Shipping (Gr. 6-10 science)
By Craig Croone, Northfield Middle School (MN)

6. Shipping and the Lake Erie Water Snake Outline (High school biology)
7. Lake Erie Water Snake and the Round Goby Outline
(High school biology)
    Lake Erie Water Snake and the Round Goby (High school biology)
    Shipping and the Lake Erie Water Snake (2.8 Mb)
By Lisa Bircher, East Palestine High School (OH)

8. How Is Iron Ore Mined? (Gr. 4 social studies)
9. Remodel a Harbor (Gr. 4 social studies)
By Kelly Bolen, Grosse Pointe Schools (MI)

10. Pellets, Ships & Cars (Gr. 4 social studies)
11. What Happened to Fayette?(Gr. 4 social studies)
By Susan Howey, Trombly Elementary, Grosse Pointe Schools (MI)

12. Great Lakes Geology and the Necessity of Locks (Gr. 9-12 Earth Science & Technology)
By Margaux Parino, Assabet Valley Collaborative Alternative High School (MA)

13. Ship to Shore Communication (Gr. 4 social studies)
14. Writing a Letter to the Ship’s Crew (Gr. 4 ELA)
By Robert Palmer, Grosse Pointe Schools (MI)

15. Portage Canal Navigation (Gr. 10-12 Mathematics)
16. To Ship or Not to Ship: A Comparison of Transportation Costs in the Great Lakes Region (Gr. 10-12 Mathematics)
By Deb Zei, Chassell High School (MI)

17. Charting A Course (Gr. 6 science)
18. Great Lakes Topography from the Bottom Up Up (Gr. 6 science)
19. Great Lakes Shipping Card Game and Worksheet (Gr. 4-8 ELA & social studies)
20. The Life of A Laker Board Game (Gr. 4-8 ELA, science & social studies)
By Sarah Pregitzer, Grant Public Schools (MI)

21. Exploring Shipping Through Song Lyrics (Gr. 6-8 science)
22. Comparing Costs: Maritime Shipping vs. Truck Transportation (Gr. 6-8 science & ELA)
23. Investigating Shipwreck Data (Gr. 6-8 science)
24. Exploring Great Lakes Folklore & Fables (Gr. 6-8 ELA)
By Debra L. Zolynsky, Kennedy Middle School (MI)

25. Ballast Water Regulation & Invasive Species Control in the Great Lakes (HS or college)
By Dr. Harry Bircher, Youngstown University (OH)


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