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Day 1: Duluth, MN
Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center in Ashland, WI - Great Lakes History
Coast Guard facility in Duluth
Canal Park. Lake Walk Tour
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center

Day 2: Duluth
Overview of Shipping on the Great Lakes (Duluth Port Authority Boardroom)
Harbor Tour aboard Vista Queen from Barker’s Island (Superior, WI)
S.S. William A. Irvin FreighterTour
Canal Park

Day 3: Duluth & Two Harbors, MN
Overview of taconite shipping on Great Lakes, Dock Operations Canadian National and Great Lakes Fleet Inc.
Tour aboard Edna G. tugboat
Tour of Split Rock lighthouse along north shore

Day 4: Superior, WI & Duluth, MN
Midwest Energy Coal transition point (Superior, WI)
Tour Burlington Northern Santa Fe No. 5 Taconite Facility

Day 5: Duluth, MN
Tour Lake Superior Warehousing Company, Inc. & Murphy Oil USA Terminal (Duluth Harbor)

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