Preparing for the

“Action for a Superior Future” segments of the symposium


Throughout the course of the Lake Superior Youth Symposium your group will work together to brainstorm a project and create a plan to make a positive change in your home community. Creating this plan is a step-by-step process that will utilize the knowledge and skills you gain at the symposium.


During several meals at the symposium, Paul Olson, LBSW, from the Great Lakes Center for Youth Development will help attendees learn how to

§         assess needs in their home community,

§         brainstorm ideas for addressing the issue,

§         create a workable plan to carry out the project,

§         incorporate skills and information learned during the symposium into their plan, and

§         evaluate the effectiveness of the project after it has been completed.


ü      Please download the book: Young People Creating Community Change from the Lake Superior Youth Symposium Website

ü      Review the book with your group before you come to the symposium
Pay special attention to the following sections:

Thursday Evening

“Assessing Community Strengths and Needs” Pages 15-17

“Rules of Brainstorming” Pages 23 & 24

Friday Lunch  

“What Do You Want to Accomplish?” Pages 18-20

Friday Dinner

“Force-Field Analysis” Pages 38 & 39

“Getting the Resources You Need” Pages 44 & 45

Saturday Dinner

“Evaluation” Pages 47 & 48

Sunday Morning

Your group will take a moment to tell the entire group about your plan


ü      Adults: Please also review the companion book Adults as Allies



Symposium books (available at the Lake Superior Youth Symposium website)

Young People Creating Community Change

Adults as Allies