LEVEL                        TITLE                                                                     AUTHOR                          BOOK #




3-5                    Adventures in the Solar System: Planetron and Me    Geoffrey T. Williams                CL-89

                                    Book / Audio Tape                                                           Dennis F. Regan


                                A young boy takes a voyage through the solar system aboard a space ship

                                and learns about the sun, planets, moons, and asteroids.


K-5                   Ants                                                                             Cynthia Overbeck                           CL-24


                                 Forty-one high quality photographs and drawings along with a well written

                                 text that describes the life of ants.                                                       


K-5                   Bartholomeu and the Oobleck                                     Dr. Seuss                                 CL-69


                        The King, tired of rain, snow, sun, and fog, commands his magicians to make something

                                else come down from the sky, but when oobleck falls, in sticky greenish droplets,

                                Bartholomew Cubbins shames the King and saves the kingdom.


K-3                   Be A Friend to Trees                                                    Patricia Lauber                        CL-25                                                                                                                                                                         

                                With lively and colorful illustrations, this book shows why it’s important

                                to be a friend to trees.


K-4                   Berenstein Bears:  Don’t Pollute Anymore                  Stan and Jan Berenstein         CL-26


                                When bear country's cubs learn pollution's a fact, they help grownups

                                clean up their act.                                  


K-5                   The Big Rock                                                               Bruce Hiscock                          CL-66


                        The “Big Rock” is a granite boulder that began as molten rock millions of

                                years ago. Once you know its story, you will never again overlook another rock

                                like this one.


4-8                          The Birchbark House                                                   Louise Erdrich                         CL-88


                        Omakays satisfying rhythms of life are shattered when a visitor comes to visit with an

                                invisible enemy that will change her life forever and leads her to discover her calling.


K-5                   A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators               Consie Powell                         CL-27                                                                                      

                                Simple text and life-like illustrations convey the wonder and beauty of the natural

                                world in this unique book of ABC’s.


6-12                        The Broken Blade                                                        William Durbin                        CL-86


                        In the 1800’s thirteen year old Pierre La Page enlists as a voyageur for the North West

                                Company so that his family will have money to survive the winter. Life is hard but

                                there’s no turning back. Pierre must endure the harsh trip to Grand Portage and

                                home again.


K-3                   Bugs, Bugs, Bugs                                                         Jennifer Dussling                     CL-1


                                Children’s literature about big, bad, clever and some of the fiercest bugs ever.


K-3                   Butterfly House                                                            Eve Bunting                             CL-2


                        Children’s literature about the journey of a girl who learns about the life cycle

                                of the butterfly.



K-3                   The Caterpillar and the Polliwog                                Jack Kent                                 CL-59


                        A good-natured picture book that preschoolers will find irresistibly funny.


K-3                   A Child’s Calendar                              Poems by:         John Updike                            CL-78


                        From the short, frozen days of January, through the long green days

                                of June, to the first light snowflakes of December, here are poems for

                                all twelve months of the year.


K-3                   Crocodile Smile                                                           Sarah Weeks                           CL-28


Ten songs of the Earth as the animals see it, includes Audio cassette tape.


K-4                   Dinosaur Babies                                                          Kathleen Weidner-                  CL-3    


                        Let’s Read And Find Out Science: Children’s literature on

                                Dinosaurs and their babies.


K-1                   Does a Penguin Have Fur?                                          Sophia Loughrey                     CL-72


                        A question/answer book on various questions that children have about the

                                world around them.


K-5                   Earthsteps                                                                    Diane Nelson Spickert             CL-68

                        A Rock’s Journey Through Time                                  Marianne D. Wallace


                        Worldwide fossil assemblages or groups of fossils from sedimentary rocks

                                were used to name the relative time periods, such as the Jurassic and Cretaceous.


K-3                   Eggs                                                                             Greg Pyers                               CL-73


Explores animal eggs, differences, care, inside, and outside.


K-3                   The Empty Lot                                                             Dale H. Fife                              CL-37


                        A provocative story that gives a clear message of conservation and stewardship.


3-6                    Energy Chain                                                               Susan Griffiths                         CL-65


                        All life on Earth needs energy to live and grow. All of that energy starts

                                inside the sun. On Earth, it becomes part of the “Energy Chain” that

                                can have many parts and lasts for millions of years.


4-8                    Eyes on Nature -  BATS                                                Celia Bland                              CL-76


Explore the fascinating world of bats.  


6-8                    A Face in the Rock                                                      Loren R. Graham                     CL-82

                        The Tale of a Grand Island Chippewa


                        This is a story about the loss of a home, by a band of Native Americans,

                                members of the Chippewa tribe of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  It is also the

                                story of the fates of the land and water in that area, and of other creatures that lived

                                there. Both aspects of the story involves death and sorrow, but both also end with

rebirth and hope.   





1-4                    Fishes                                                                          Alwyne Wheeler                      CL-29


Explores fish physical and biological features.                                                                     


1-4                    The Fish: The story of the stickleback                          Margaret Lane                         CL-30


Explores and observes the stickleback’s survival strategies and habitat.


Pre-3                Flashy, Fantastic Rain Forest Frogs                             Dorothy Hinshaw Patent             CL-31


Explores the life cycles of frogs in the rainforest.


6-9                    Flush: Treating Wastewater                                         Karen Mueller Coombs            CL-32


A history of waste disposal, water treatment operations,

lots of pictures, good examples.


K-4                   Follow the Water from Brook to Ocean                       Authur Dorros                          CL-33


Explores water's journey, how it shapes the earth, and why it is

important to keep it clean.                                                                      


K-3                   Freshwater Animals                                                     Michael Chinery                      CL-34


Full of questions and answers about freshwater animals. Easy to read, nice pictures.


K-2                   The Fresh Water Alphabet Book                                  Jerry Pallotta                           CL-35   

Highlights a different freshwater creature for every letter of the alphabet.                                                                         


1-4                    Frogs                                                                           Scholastic                                          CL-36


                                Explores frog behavior/anatomy through neat pictures and delightful text.                                                                                                                                          

1-3                    The Frog Alphabet Book                                              Jerry Pallotta                                    CL-15   


                                Highlight a different frog characteristic for every letter of the alphabet.


K-3                   Henry Goes Underground                                            Patricia Chilton-Stringham      CL-38


                                This story follows Henry as he explores and creates an understanding of groundwater.  


K-3                   The Icky Bug Alphabet Book                                       Jerry Pallotta                           CL-16


                        Children’s literature featuring different bugs for each letter of the alphabet.


3-8                    Jack-in-the-Pulpit                                                         Jerome Wexler                        CL- 63


                        Details the structure of the flower and describes how the jack-in-the-pulpit

                                grows and reproduces.


2-5                    Lake Superior                                                              Ann Armbruster                       CL-39


This story details the history of Lake Superior.                                                                                                                                                     

K-5                   Letting Swift River Go                                                 Jane Yolen                              CL-79


                        The historic transformation of the Swift River Valley and the creation of the

                                Guabbin Reservoir told through the eyes of Sally Jane, who learns about

                                reconciling necessary change with the enduring value of what is lost.




K-5                   Life in the Polar Regions                                             Melvin Berger                          CL-84


                        A look at the Arctic and the Antarctic and how people, animals

                                and plants survive.


K-1                   Life in the Pond                                                           Eileen Curran                          CL-40   

Depicts pond life in a clear, easy to understand way.


K-5                         Life in the Rain Forest                                                 Melvin Berger                          CL-85


                        A look at the tropical rain forests of the world and how people,

                                animals and plants survive.


1-3                    Listen to the Rain                                                       Bill Martin Jr.                           CL-41

John Archambault

Poetic language that evokes the beauty and mystery of rain.               


K-3                   A Log’s Life                                                                 Wendy Pfeffer                          CL-5


                        Children’s literature about the life and death of a tree and the living things that habitat it.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus At the Waterworks                   Joanna Cole                            CL-42 


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore water treatment aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten                               Joanna Cole                            CL-43 


Ms. Frizzle and her class explore food chains aboard the Magic School Bus.                     


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Hops Home                              Joanna Cole                            CL-44 


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore wetland habitats aboard the Magic School Bus.                             


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth                       Joanne Cole                            CL-45


Ms. Frizzle and her class explore decomposition aboard the Magic School Bus.                 


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Butterfly and the Bog Beast     Joanna Cole                            CL-7


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore bogs and butterflies aboard the Magic School Bus.



K-5                   The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body           Joanna Cole                            CL-8


                        Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the human body aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie                         Joanna Cole                            CL-9


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the digestive and immune systems aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus In the Time of the Dinosaurs   Joanna Cole                            CL-10


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore dinosaurs aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Lost in the Solar System          Joanna Cole                            CL-11


                                Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the solar system aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad               Joanna Cole                            CL-60  


                        Ms. Frizzle and her class explore decomposition aboard the Magic School Bus. 


K-5                   The Magic School Bus On the Ocean Floor                 Joanna Cole                            CL-12


                        Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the ocean floor aboard the Magic School Bus.


K-5                   The Magic School Bus Out of This World                     Joanna Cole                            CL-13


                        Ms. Frizzle and her class explore asteroids aboard the Magic School Bus


5-9                    The Man Who Planted Trees                                       Jean Giono                              CL-77

                        Wood engravings by Michael McCurdy


                        A story of man’s generosity to nature, to make people love the tree, or

                                more precisely, to make them love planting trees.


Pre-2                My Life As A Dragonfly: Swimmer to Flyer                   William Cruscial                     CL-46 


                                Traces metamorphosis of a dragonfly.


K-5                   Not All Engineers Drive Trains                                     Iowa State University               CL-61


Teaches the different jobs that engineers can have.


K-3                   On the Same Day in March                                          Marilyn Singer                         CL-78

                        A Tour of the World’s Weather


                        The difference the same day in March can be all over the world is

                                described in this wonderful tale of the earth making a complete

                                trip around the sun in one full year.


1-4                    One Less Fish                                                              Kim Toft                                  CL-47

                                                                                                             Allan Sheather

                                Beautiful color illustrations that tell of environmental dangers to fish.


1-4                    Our Wet World                                                             Sneed Collard                         CL-19


                                Describes freshwater/marine habitats and what lives and grows  there.


K-2                   Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me                              Eric Carle                                 CL-75


                        A unique and delightful picture book that “unfolds” the story of Monica

                                wanting to play with the moon and how her father makes it happen.


K-3                   Paper Hat Tricks II                                                       Patt Newbald                           CL-48

Anne Diebel 

Contains patterns for making ocean and farm animals, and insects.                                                                                                                    

K-3                   Paper Hat Tricks III                                                      Patt Newbald                           CL-49 

Anne Diebel

Contains patterns for making dinosaurs, zoo and forest animals.





K-5                   Postcards from Pluto                                                   Loreen Leedy                          CL-70


Come aboard as a friendly robot leads a group of children on a breathtaking

                                trip around the solar system. They learn about many scientific facts as they      

                                speed by the sun, then the nine planets from Mercury to Pluto.


Pre-3                Rain Drop Splash                                                         Alvin Tresselt                           CL-50   


                                Traces path of a rain drop from mountain to sea.                 


2-5                     The Rainstick: A Fable                                                 Sandra Chisholm Robinson     CL-51


                                A fable about a West African boy’s quest for rain; includes instructions

                                for making rainsticks.


1-6                    Recycle! A handbook for kids                                      Gail Gibbons                            CL-52


                                Discusses many recycling topics.                                                           


K-3                   Salamander Room                                                      Ann Mazer                               CL-80


                        A boy finds a salamander in the woods and imagines they many things he can do

                                to turn his room into a perfect salamander home.


3-8                    Snakes, Salamanders, and Lizards                             Diane L. Burns                         CL-64


                        A book to help eager young naturalists identify snakes, salamanders,

                                and lizards, while providing handy tips on where they hang out and

                                what they eat.


K-3                   The Star Maiden                                                          Barbara Esbensen                   CL-53

                                                                                                            Helen Davie

                                Ojibway tale about the gift of water lilies to Earth and its native people.


K-3                   Stellaluna                                                                    Janell Cannon                         CL-14


                        Stellaluna is a baby bat, but she lives in a bird’s nest with a bird family.

How did she get there? Will she ever find her bat family?


K-1                   The Sun Is My Favorite Star                                        Frank Asch                               CL-67


                        There are many stars in our galaxy. But there’s only one that can

                                wake us in the morning…the sun!


3-8                    Sun, Moon and Stars                                                   Mary Hoffman                          CL-74

                                                                                                            Jane Ray

A book to give us words and images that explore the ancient and

                                eternal mysteries of the sun, moon and stars.


4-8                          Under the Sun                                                            Kerry MacIntosh                        CL-83


                        Explores designs for collecting, storing and using energy from the sun.

Use these activities to develop and create solutions for a sustainable planet.


K-3                   Water                                                                           Frank Asch                               CL-54


                                A fun, colorful beginning book about water.                                                                                                         




K-3                   The Water’s Journey                                                   Eleonore Schmid                            CL-55


                                Descriptive text and pictures describe the water cycle in our everyday lives.                


2-6                    Water Pollution                                                           Darlene Stille                          CL-57


                                Explores many different aspects of water pollution,  chemical, biological and industrial.


1-3                    The Way of the Willow Branch                                    Emery & Durga Bernhard         CL-58


                                Follows the travels of a willow branch from a stream to the sea.        


1-4                    What do you do when something wants to eat you?  Steve Jenkins                          CL-20                                                                                                   

                                Explore the many fascinating and unique defense mechanisms creatures use to

                                escape from danger.


K-3                   When the Moon is Full: A Lunar Year                          Penny Pollock                         CL-71


This book portrays the twelve full moons of the year. Traditional Native

                                American names, from the Wolf Moon to the Long Night Moon, follow

                                the monthly path of the moon in all its wonder.


K-2                       Whose Tracks Are These?                                           Jim Nail                                   CL-18


                        Children’s literature about familiar forest animals and the tracks they leave behind.


6-12                  Wintering                                                                     William Durbin                        CL-87


                        In the Broken Blade, thirteen year old Pierre La Page was seasoned by his first trip

                                as a voyageur. He is now ready to become an hivernaut, to “winter over”  trapping and

                                trading furs. His biggest challenge is spending months in close quarters with Beloit, the

                                teasing bowman. An Ojibwa brave welcomes him into his family and opens a new

                                world for him.


EL                    The Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book                               Jerry Pallotta                           CL-17


                        Children’s literature featuring reptiles for every letter of the alphabet.






2-5                    How Much is a Million                                                 David Schwartz                       CL-22


Story about fun, new ways to conceptualize complex numbers.



EL                    I Can Count the Petals of a Flower                              John & Stacey Wahl                CL-4


                        A fascinating, full-color picture book that teaches young children to count using

                                photographs of flowers. Includes such mathematical concepts as evens and odds,

                                primes and composites, and factors.


2-6                                       If You Made a Million                                                   David Schwartz                       CL-23


Story that explains the nuts and bolts and the mystery and wonder

of earning money, investing it, accruing dividends and interest,

and watching savings grow.


Pre K-3                 Math Counts: Weight                                                   Henry Pluckrose                      CL-90


Pre K-3             Math Counts: Length                                                    Henry Pluckrose                      CL-91


Pre K-3             Math Counts: Pattern                                                   Henry Pluckrose                      CL-92


Pre K-3             Math Counts: Sorting                                                   Henry Pluckrose                      CL-93


2-5                    On Beyond a Million: An Amazing Math Journey        David M. Schwartz                         CL-21                                                                                   

Helps children understand very large numbers and the concept that our

number system is based on units of 10.




Audio Cassette Tapes:



3-12                  Frogs & Toads of Michigan                                                                                                                        A-1


                                13 min. Contains songs/calls of Michigan’s 13 species of frogs & toads.