NUMBER                             EQUIPMENT                                                                                    COPIES 


18133                           TI-73 GRAPHING CALCULATOR   (classroom set of 10)                                    1


                                    A graphing calculator that contain features for the middle grades mathematics

                                                and science curricula. The calculator offers: stacked fractions display that

                                                allows students to explore fractions and percents; graph scatter plots, pie charts,

                                                bar graphs and test lines of best fit. This calculator can be used to analyze data

                                                collected from CBL 2 and CBR.


18134                           TI-73 VIEWSCREEN                                                                                          1


                                    TI ViewScreen enlarge and project the image of a calculator display so an

                                                entire class can view it. May be used with any standard overhead projector.

                                                The ViewScreen set includes: Carrying case, ViewScreen panel, AC adapter,

                                                Guidebook, ViewScreen calculator, unit-to-unit link, calculator poster, and



18135                           TI-83 GRAPHING CALCULATOR   (classroom set of 10)                                    1


                                    A graphing calculator for use in algebra through pre-calculus, biology to physics.

                                                It offers multiple graph styles, table/graph split screen, data analysis, and modeling.

                                                This calculator can be used to analyze data from CBL 2 and CBR.


18136                           TI-83 VIEWSCREEN                                                                                          1


                                    TI ViewScreen enlarge and project the image of a calculator display so an

                                                entire class can view it. May be used with any standard overhead projector.

                                                The ViewScreen set includes: Carrying case, ViewScreen panel, AC adapter,

                                                Guidebook, ViewScreen calculator, unit-to-unit link, calculator poster, and



18142                           TI – Graph Link & CD                                                                                         2


                                    Versatile software allows user to transfer files between the calculator and

                                                the computer. Compatible with TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-86, TI-89

                                                TI-92 and TI-92+


18136                           CBL 2   (Calculator Based Lab)                                                                        20


                                                This is a portable, handheld, battery operated device for collecting

                                                and analyzing “real-world” data from scientific probes. The data        

                                                collected can be retrieved by the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83. The device comes

                                                with a temperature, light, voltage probes.


18144                           CBR  (Calculator Based Ranger)                                                                      5


                                    A device to be used with a graphing calculator to collect motion, distance,

                                                velocity and acceleration data. Uses the unit-to-unit cable that comes

                                                with the CBR to connect to TI-73.


18150                           CENTRIFIC CENTRIFUGE                                                                                  2


                                    Mini bench top centrifuge for educational labs. This trouble-free model spins

                                                6 tubes and features a built-in, 15-minute timer.







18166                           SPECTROPHOTOMETER                                                                                  2


                                    Performs well in the analysis of chlorophyll, chemical, biological fluids,

                                                equilibrium determinations, Beer’s law studies, and water analysis.

                                                Readings are taken on a large digital display that can display either

                                                absorbance or transmittance readings.


18171                           eTrex PERSONAL NAVIGATORS  (classroom set of 10)                                    1


These are the most basic GPS (global position system) unit available. These

handheld GPS unit has simple menus and logical operations. It will tell you

how fast you are going, your average speed, maximum speed, trip time, trip

distance, and sunrise/sunset time. This is a perfect beginner unit to introduce

your middle/high school students to use of GPS units. Data or waypoints may

be recorded that may be incorporated into a GIS (geographic information systems)

program.  Includes user guide.              


18172                           MAGELLAN GPS 315    (1 unit)                                                                         1


                                                This is a more advanced version of the Garmin eTREX GPS unit. The Magellan unit

has a 12 parallel channel receiver for superior tracking, an updateable 15,000 point

database, nine graphic navigation screens which clearly show speed, heading distance,

bearing to waypoint, position and much more. Includes an owners manual and quick

eference guide.


Set #2                          LEGO   Mindstorms Robolab Team Challenge Set                                          2

Set #3                                                                                     

                                    This kit contains all the parts RCX and over 700 LEGO elements, attaching sensors,

                                                motors, gears, and other LEGO bricks to build a completely autonomous robot.

                                                The Robotics Invention System 2.0 includes detailed instructions for building

                                                modular “plug-and-play” robots: The Roverbot—a steady going robot that moves

                                                around, avoids obstacles, and can follow a line; the Acrobot—a fast moving robot

                                                that flips and dances; and the Inventorbot—a smart, attentive robot that can greet

                                                you and help you in many other ways.


                                                You will need a minimum computer operating system of Windows 98 to program the

                                                RCX, the brains of the robot.


                                                Contents of the LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System 2.0

·          RCXa Microcomputer

·          Robolab Software CD-ROM

·          Constructopedia, PC & Mac Cables

·          3 Guided Challenges

·          6 Pro Challenges

·          USB Infrared Transmitter

·          718 LEGO pieces

·          2 Motors

·          2 Touch Sensors

·          1 Light Sensor


18096                           GROUNDWATER MODEL                                                                                  1


                                    The “hands-on” groundwater flow model depicts the interaction of groundwater

                                                with rainfall, a stream, a lake, a landfill, and two drinking water wells. The model

                                                resembles an aquarium filled with sand and gravel. Red dye is used to indicate

                                                the effects of groundwater pollution. Includes simple instructions and diagrams.







18132                           INVESTIGATING GROUNDWATER / The Fruitvale Story                                   1


                                    Investigating Groundwater is an educational module program highlighting

                                                chemicals and their effect on society. Students investigate

                                                an area in which test wells indicate the presence of unsafe levels of pesticide

                                                in the groundwater. They learn the factors that affect ground water movement

                                                and apply this knowledge to locate and clean up the groundwater contamination.

                                                As a result they begin to appreciate both the power and limitations of science.

                                                Module contains hardware, gravel, sand, clay and chemicals used for testing.

                                                Can be booked out by itself or with Groundwater Model #18096.


EQ-7                             ENVIROSCAPE                                                                                                 1

                                                This tabletop model (3’ x 3’) of a community, with a stream and lake included,

is perfect for demonstrating how pollution can combine with runoff from various

land uses, such as forests, farmlands, streets, neighborhoods, a wastewater

treatment plant, a gas station, construction sites, and industry to reach lakes

and streams. A teaching manual is included.


EQ-8                             STREAM TABLES         (classroom set of 5)                                                      1


                                                Contains all you need for creating streams and other landforms, all in a convenient

tabletop size. Comes with five plastic trays with drain (48”L x 14” W x 3”H), stream trough,

elevating sedge, 6’ siphon tube and clamp, plus an instruction manual and sample lesson plans.


18149                           WATER CHEMISTRY TESTING KIT -   Hach Company                                       1                                             (Water, Water Everywhere Education Laboratory)


                                    This portable laboratory kit offers one easy-to-store, easy-to-use, portable

                                                system to test a complete range of water quality parameters. Students

                                                can easily follow the step-by-step instructions to obtain accurate,

                                                high- confidence results. Laboratory kit include the Water, Water Everywhere

                                                curriculum, written for use with the DR/820 Colorimeter. It covers the

                                                basics of water quality, the water cycle, and more. Includes DR/820

                                                Colorimeter, reagents and apparatus, and curriculum.


EQ-6                             WATER CHEMISTRY TESTING KIT -   LaMotte Company                                  1         


                                    Contains portable water chemistry kits for testing the following water quality

parameters: turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrate-nitrogen, phosphate, alkalinity,

temperature, iron and copper.  Laminated instructions allow students too easily

follow the step-by-step test procedures.


EQ-11                           AQUATIC EXOTICS TRUNK                                                                              1


This trunk is available through Isle Royale National Park (906-482-0986).

The trunk includes an activity guide, video,  and specimens of the five main

exotics in the Great Lakes ecosystem: spiny waterflea, sea lamprey, zebra

mussels, purple loose-strife, and the ruffe.



 EQ-4                            FOREST EDUCATION KIT                                                                                 2


This kit contains equipment and reference books to be used in ecological

studies of a forest.  The kit includes:


·          Shrub and Tree Identification Books

·          Peterson and Golden Field Guides: Birds, Wildflowers,

Trees & Shrubs, Insects, and Mammals

·          Woodland Stewardship Manual




Set of 10 Diameter Tapes

12" Increment Borer

Set of 10 Angle Gauges


100ft/30m Fiberglass Tape


EQ-9                             ROCK ID ACTIVITY KIT                                                                                     1


                                    Books:     Nat’l Audubon Society First Field Guide – Rocks and Minerals                                  

                                                                First Field Guide – Night Sky                                  

                                                                Rock and Mineral Identification for Engineers

                                                Maps:      Geologic Map of the Great Lakes Region

                                                Tools:       Pick, scratch plate, acid bottle


EQ-10                                    WETLANDS TRUNK                                                                                          1


This trunk is available through Isle Royale National Park (906-482-0986).

The trunk includes a variety of lessons appropriate for upper elementary

and middle school, plus laminated  wetland plant flashcards, a wetland puppet

show and puppets (Bobby Beaver, Countess Von Great Blue Heron, and

Nicholas Newt), and more.


EQ-48                           WOLF BOX                                                                                                      1


These popular trunks contain a wolf pelt, skull, children’s literature about wolves,

and a variety of lessons for teaching about this threatened wildlife species.


EQ-5                             Making Tracks Kit                                                                                            1


                                                This tracks kit includes a sampler kit of 16 different wildlife tracks…many common to the area,

                                                along with lesson plans, information, instructions, books and resources to make casts of

                                                your favorite wildlife tracks.


EQ-14                           Tracks & Scat Kit                                                                                             1


                                    Stays at MTU Office and is used for programs.


EQ-13                           Owl Activity Kit                                                                                                1


                                    This kit contains two owls, a great-horned owl and an eastern screech owl, to display

                                                in your classroom while you teach about owls in the forest and meadow food webs.

                                                The kit also contains lesson plans and activities for dissecting owl pellets and owl

                                                ecology, plus owl references. Owl pellets are not included. (The owls are on loan from

                                                Michigan Technological University School for Forest Resources and Environmental