Science and Environmental Education

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Science and Environmental Education

K-12 Educational Materials on Science and the Environment---Science Equipment

Available (on loan) from GEM Center for Science and Environmental Outreach at Michigan Tech University 105 Dillman Hall  or   Phone: (906)487-3341, Fax: (906)487-1620,  or  Email:  

Science Equipment 

Sampling Kit for Streams, Ponds and Wetlands (Contains nets, magnifiers, tubs and other items for collecting and identifying aquatic organisms) Grades K-10
Aquatic Exotics Trunk (Available from Isle Royale National Park @ 487-7152; contains 5 units with activities on exotic plant & animal species invading the Great Lakes) Grades 2-6


Dripial Pursuit (Patterned after “Trivial Pursuit”, using water-related topics) Grades 6-12


Earthwater Stencils for storm drain stenciling Grades 6-12


Ecosystem Resource Trunk (Contains plastic leaf prints of 24 tree species, materials for creating track casts, soil screens) Grades 2-10


Enviroscape (2 x 2 ft tabletop model that demonstrates non-point sources of pollution: sediment, fertilizers, road salt, used motor oil, etc.) Grades 1-8
Groundwater flow model (Tabletop model of where groundwater is found; shows how groundwater can be polluted by landfills, underground storage tanks, and other sources using dye; illustrates connection between surface and groundwater) All ages
"Investigating Groundwater:  The Fruitvale Experience" (A hands-on classroom activity that demonstrates the effects of groundwater contamination; students test 40 samples of "well water" & map a groundwater contamination plume) Grades 7-10
The Ocean (48-piece giant floor puzzle of the plants & animals that inhabit oceans)                 Grades K- 2


The Pond (48-piece giant floor puzzle of the plants & animals that inhabit wetlands)              Grades K- 2


Puddle Pictures (Patterned after "Pictionary" using water-related words)                                         Grades 1-5


Stream Ecology Leaf Pack Experiment Kit  by LaMotte Company (Contains materials to conduct a variety of experiments on the role of leaves in streams, and how to assess habitat and water quality for stream macroinvertebrates) Grades 6-12


Stream Macroinvertebrate Flashcards  (Set of 18 laminated color illustrations of major stream/pond  macroinvertebrates) Grades 6-12


Waste Hierarchy:  Where Is Away?"  by GEMS (Hands-on classroom activities address 
four types of waste treatment practices: landfills, incineration, reuse/recycle, and source     
reduction) Grades 7-12       
Water Chemistry Test Kits  (LaMotte tests available for: DO, pH, P, N, turbidity, hardness,  alkalinity, iron, copper, silica, CO2) Grades 7-12