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Science and Environmental Education

K-12 Educational Materials on Science and the Environment--Videos

Available (on loan) from GEM Center for Science and Environmental Outreach at Michigan Tech University, 105 Dillman Hall or Phone: (906)487-3341, Fax: (906)487-1620, Email:

Aquatic Exotics   22 min. by Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources. (Describes the introduction and consequences of exotic species in the Great Lakes.) Grades 5-12

Aquatic Invertebrates and Water Quality   7 min. (Role of stream macroinvertebrates in the aquatic ecosystem and how they are used as water quality indicators in streams) Grades 6-12

The Caterpillar and the Polliwog  5 min. (Book and video that describe metamorphosis of caterpillars and frogs) Grades K-3                                                          
Colorado Wetlands  12 min (Describes the benefits and values of wetlands) Grades 9-12
Do You Know Where Your Garbage Is? 12 min. (Solid waste reduction, composting, incinerating, and the use of landfills) Grades 5-12                                 
Down the Drain  30 min., 3,2,1 Contact Series (Good lesson on the water properties and the water cycle-- also talks about water usage, pollution, and treatment) Grades 4-8
Exploring School Nature Areas  (Inspires students & educators to design & create their own school yard nature sites) Grades K-12
It's Found Underground 31 min. (Describes the water cycle, water table, permeability, and groundwater contamination) Grades 3-5
Life of the Lakes  58 min. (Video tells the story of the world's greatest freshwater fishery) Grades 5-12
The Lorax  30 min  (A Dr. Seuss animated tale that teaches the “why” of conservation) Grades 1-6
Michigan's Drinking Water--- Safe, Reliable, and Abundant  10 min. (Municipal treatment and delivery) Grades 3-9   
Michigan's Great Lakes Coastal Zone - Part 1:  Threatened and Endangered Species 22 min.  (Discusses the peregrine falcon, eagle, trumpeter swan, and osprey) Grades 4-9
Michigan's Great Lakes Coastal Zone- Part 2:  Agriculture, Recreation, Fishing 17 min.  (Discusses the unique coastal zones of the Great Lakes and how they are used for agriculture, recreation, and fishing) Grades 4-9
Michigan's Great Lakes Coastal Zone - Part 3:  Commercial Shipping, Industrial Development, Habitat Restoration 20 min.  (Discusses how industry in Michigan has impacted natural habitats and how the damage is being corrected now; shows the restoration of a wetland) Grades 4-9
Michigan WISE (Waste Information Series for Education)  20 min.  (Solid waste disposal & the shrinking landfill dilemma in Michigan)   Grades 4-6, 7-9 & 10-12
Montana's Riparian Areas 12 min.  (A guide to streamside management for landowners)  Grades 9-12
Power of Water 59 min. by National Geographic (Profiles five major water issues including Colorado River diversions, Ogalalla Aquifer drawdown, Love Canal, etc.) Grades 7-12
Recycle This!  38 min. (Rock ‘n’ roll is used to teach about waste reduction & recycling) Grades 5-12
Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes 17 min. by the National Film Board of Canada. ( a lone canoeist experiences most of the cataclysmic changes of ages of lake history.)  Grades 7-12
The Rotten Truth 30 min., 3,2,1 Contact Series  (Solid waste reduction, landfills) Grades K-6
SOS for American Streams 28 min. (Good background on water quality and water pollution, teaches water quality monitoring techniques) Grades 5-12               
Story of a River: The Clark Fork (Montana)  21 min. (Profiles the Clark Fork River in Montana /Idaho and it's watershed including historical uses and current problems) Grades 6-12
Teen News Network: Groundwater Update  13 min. (Students discuss groundwater issues in format of short news stories) Grades 4-8
Torch Lake:  An Area of Concern   18 min.  (Explanation of Torch Lake as a superfund site, good area history lesson) Grades 7-12
We All Live Downstream (Identifies point and non-point sources of water pollution in a watershed, with special emphasis on the Tualatin River in Oregon) Grades 7-12
The Wealth of Wetlands  23 min. (Value of wetlands from different property owners' perspectives;  restoration methods) Grades 9-12
Your Toxic Trash  15 min.  (Solid & household hazardous waste; problems and solutions)  Grades 5-12