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Western UP Science Fair
Grades 4-8
Monday, Feb. 28, 2011
4:00-8:00pm EDT
Michigan Tech Memorial Union Ballroom

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Presenter Name

Activity Title & Short Description


American Chemical Society – Student Chapter 


Liquid Nitrogen

Freeze marshmallows, Oreos, and flowers in liquid nitrogen to demonstrate the effects of extreme cold on materials


Michigan Tech’s Birding Club

Winged Wonders
Learn about the science of flight and the birds who use it through hands-on activities!


Youth Programs

Fabulous Flubber
Elephant's Toothpaste

  • Mix up and design your own Flubber.  Stretch it out to change your designs in weird and wild ways!
  • Create your own chemical reaction to produce "Elephant's Toothpaste"!
  • Do your items float or sink?  Maybe neither - build your own "flinker" that doesn't completely float or sink.


MTU Chapter - Society for Biomaterials

Slime Time

Students will make slime , an example of a visco-elastic substance  created by  biomedical s engineers and scientists to replicate human tissue mechanics.


Finlandia Univ. Elem Education 


Cola Chaos
See the chemical and physical reactions that take place between the minty candy, Mentos, and various types of soda. Caution: Fun Ahead! 


Finlandia Univ. Elem Education 

The Pulse of Life 

Students will check their own pulse, and ask themselves what may change your heart rate other than exercise.


Society of Wetland Scientists Student Chapter


Wonderful Wetlands Activities:

Where is all the Water in the World?

Can Soil Clean Water?

Using GIS to Locate Wetlands 


Biomed & Biology majors


Memory Wire, It Can Remember, Can You?

Will demonstrate the properties of nitinol wire, an alloy of nickel and titanium materials.  We will look at memory shape and super elastic wires that undergo twinning which allows them to return to their original shapes, and compare these wires to copper and show  applications  to real life.


Society of Physics Student Chapter


Static Electricity

Pressure Demos

Dual Track Races

Friction Demos


Materials Science Engineering


Rock  ‘n Roll Metal

Hand rolling mill set up so the kids can roll metals (or coins if they want) along with a 110 volt furnace to anneal the materials to show various materials processing concepts.

Strong Arm Some Copper

A bar of copper for the kids to bend to show work hardening, then see if they can bend it back (can't it has become too strong). Anneal to restore ductility.

Hot Potato

Shows a phase transition in a Zinc alloy that give off heat, after heat treatment we hand it to the kids and it gets hot as the phase transformation occurs which happens in several minutes.


Pre-Health Association at MTU


Are You Stressed? ---Measure Your Blood Pressure!

Will show students how to use automatic blood pressure cuffs and oxygen level readers and explaining what those numbers mean.  We will use equipment from the Anatomy & Physiology labs.


Society of Women Engineers


Candy Cars


Microbiology Club - Student Chapter


Glow Germ & Hand Washing 


Communicating  Science MTU Student:

Can You Slurp Like A Tree?


Communicating  Science MTU Student

Design A Launcher


Communicating  Science MTU Student

Design A Chute


Communicating  Science MTU Student

Design A Bridge


Communicating  Science MTU Student

Blacklight Magic. 
Experiment with glowing jello and secret messages. 

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