Groundwater & Watershed Workshop

Clear Lake Education Center

August 22-25, 1998


Saturday - August 22

1:00 PM Introductions & Icebreaker

Workshop Overview

Credit Requirements


1:30 Why Teach About Water?

        How much water in the world and its distribution (demo/activity)

        Brief chronology of pollution in the Great Lakes

        MEGOSE & Content Standards for Science & Social Studies


2:00 What Is a Watershed? - Lake Superior map activity


2:30 Delineating Your Watershed (topographic maps)

3:00 Construct 3-D Model of Selected Watersheds

3:45 Break/Snack


4:00 Designing a Watershed Tour

Land uses in the watershed - past & present

Stream inventory

Local resources


4:30 Introduction to Save Our Streams and WET Activity Guide


5:00 Tour of Clear Lake facility & Move into cabins


6:00 Dinner


7:00 WET Activities:

Is There Water On Zork? (p. 43)

Incredible Journey (p. 161)

Water Olympics (p. 30)

Sparkling Water (p. 348)

Where Are the Frogs? (p. 279)

Macroinvertebrate Mayhem (p. 322)

Perspectives (p. 397)


9:30 Campfire & Stories



Sunday, August 23

7:00 AM Sunrise Magic Spots (optional)


7:30 Breakfast


8:30 Depart for Indian River Canoe Trip


9:00-11:30 Indian River Canoe Trip (wild & scenic river!)

(plus Stream Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Streamside Assessment)


11:30 Picnic Lunch

Drive to Seney National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)


12:30-1:30 Seney NWR Introductory Slide Show & Presentation


1:30-3:00 Pine Ridge Nature Trail & WOW! The Wonder of Wetlands


Run for the Border (p. 143) Hear Ye, Hear Ye (p. 253)

Marsh Market (p. 109) Wetland Metaphors (p. 85)

How Thirsty is the Ground? (p. 239)

Do You Dig Wetland Soil? (p. 231)


3:00-4:00 Pond Sampling water chemistry and aquatic invertebrates


4:00-5:00 Wetland Types (drive or walk)


5:00 Return to Clear Lake Education Center


6:00 Dinner


7:30 What Is Groundwater?




8:00 Sources of Groundwater Contamination

        Enviroscape demonstration

        Fruitvale dilution activity

        Tapwater testing


8:30 Groundwater Model Demonstration


9:00 Fruitvale Story Activity


10:00 Campfire (optional)


Monday, August 24

7:15 AM Breakfast


8:00 Designing An Investigation of a Stream System

        other Adopt-a-Stream Programs

        land uses and non-point pollution

        stream assessment techniques biological, chemical, physical

        SOS video and stream macroinvertebrate video


9:00 Field Trips:

1)     Anna River stream monitoring (rotate through stations):

        stream macroinvertebrates,

        water chemistry

        physical measurements

        streamside habitat

        descriptive writing


11:00 Lunch

Data Interpretation


12:00-1:00 2) City of Munising Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour


1:15-2:30 3) Storm Drain Stenciling in Munising


3:00-3:45 4) Landfill Management (Valerie Darga, USFS)


4:00-5:00 5) Wood Island Landfill Tour and Groundwater Well Monitoring


5:30 Return to Clear Lake Education Center


6:00 Dinner


7:00 Sharing Educational Resources

(Teachers review at least 3 educational resources books,

curricululm/activity guides, videos, etc.)


9:30 Closing Campfire



Tuesday, August 24


7:15 AM Breakfast


8:00 Geographic Information Systems & Arc View Demonstration

(invited - Lori Schultz, Delta-Menominee District Health Dept.)


9:00 Power of Water (video excerpt)


9:15 Teachers Plan 3-Week Units (and complete resource material review)


10:45 Workshop Wrap-Up & Evaluations


11:15 Departure