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Adopt-a-Stream Watershed Education Program

Stream Monitoring Kit

Equipment for Biological Monitoring
(Collecting & Identifying Stream Macroinvertebrates)

5 hand lenses
5 forceps
5 white plastic tubs
5 white plastic ice cube trays
10 plastic spoons
6 bug boxes (1-1/2 cube)
18 bug boxes (3/4 cube)
5 eye droppers
5 clear rulers
5 aquatic D-frame nets
4 small sieves
10 baby food jars
1 hand-held kick screen
70% alcohol (if preserving to take back to lab)
Clipboards & pencils (one for each recorder at each station)
Data Forms (laminated copy, plus forms for student use):
    Aquatic Invertebrate Identification Key
    Stream Quality Survey or Benthic Macroinvertebrate Survey form
Equipment for Measuring Stream Channel Dimensions;
Volume & Velocity

meter/yard stick
measuring tape or ball of string
watch w/ second hand or digital watch
Data form: Stream Channel Measurements, Volume, & Velocity Data Sheet
Optional:soil auger for comparing wetland and upland soils

Equipment for Water Chemistry Tests)
1 LaMotte test kits: dissolved oxygen, nitrate-N, phosphate, pH, turbidity
1 armored thermometer
Optional test kits: copper, iron, bacteria
Data form: Water Chemistry Report Form

Safety Equipment for Water Chemistry Test Kit)
plastic gloves
plastic eye glasses
plastic wash bottle (for eyes)
first aid kit
plastic bottle (to collect wastes from chemistry tests; pour down drain)

(Keep in plastic zip-loc bag when not in use))

Izaak Walton Save Our Streams Water Quality Indicators Key
Chemistry test instructions
Golden Guide to Pond Life

Last Update: 12November 2002
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