Tell other students about your special class project!

Earn up to $1,000 to help your class attend the symposium!


Model Student Groups to Present at Lake Superior Youth Symposium

The Lake Superior Youth Symposium Steering Committee is offering travel & registration stipends for 4 groups of students who have a special project that they would like to tell other students about at the 4th Biennial Lake Superior Youth Symposium.

One way to inspire students to become active stewards of Lake Superior and the Great Lakes is to have them learn from their peers. Students throughout the Lake Superior and Great Lakes watersheds are involved in many exciting and inspiring projects that we would like Symposium participants to learn about—from students! To encourage student groups to present, the Steering Committee is offering stipends of up to $1,000 per group to assist with registration and travel expenses for four groups of students from MI, WI, MN, and ONT to attend the symposium and tell others about their special project. Student groups receiving stipends are expected to provide a minimum of 25% of their registration and travel costs to attend the symposium, as a reflection of their commitment.

Selection Criteria

1. Projects will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Designed and/or implemented by one or more students.
  • Demonstrates initiative, creativity, and commitment by students on behalf of environmental education, scientific research, and/or environmental protection.
  • Demonstrates collaboration with other students, classes and/or community members.
  • Has had a positive impact on the community and/or natural resources of Lake Superior or the Great Lakes watersheds.

2. Students who receive stipends must be prepared to conduct two 30-minute or two 75-minute presentations at the symposium telling other students about their project.

Application Process

To apply, an individual, group or class of students must complete the four-part application form below:
I. Applicant information
II. Project description (two pages, double-spaced, typewritten). See specific questions below.
III. Registration & travel budget for the student group to attend the symposium.
IV. Presenter form describing their proposed presentation.

Application Due Date

Student groups must postmark their application by March 1, 2001. Applications should be sent by mail or email to:

Joan Chadde,
Center for Science and Environmental Outreach,
Michigan Technological University,
1400 Townsend Dr.,
Houghton, Michigan 49931-1295.

The Symposium Steering Committee will notify selected groups by email or phone by March 15, 2001.

Travel/Registration Stipends for Model Student Groups
are made possible by:

• Lake Superior Binational Forum • Copper Country ISD Regional Math & Science Center • • Elizabeth E. Kennedy Fund • Wege Foundation •

Model Student Groups

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