Michigan Science education

Programs for Middle & High School Students

2 After-School Science classes for Grade 1 - 8 students
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  • School Registration Form
2 Biofuels & Other Energy Alternatives

Community Planning & the Visual Environment:
2 Earth Day "Kids Can Make a Difference" Program
  • Earth Day Registration Form
  • Earth Day Past Programs and Projects
2 Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences
Teacher Institute
with Lesson Plans
2 Great Lakes Education

International Association for Great Lakes Research fact sheet
Teaching Resources
Lesson Plans
Teacher Institutes
   Ecology of the Great Lakes Aboard the Lake Guardian
   Great Lakes Maritime Transportation
   Mathematics & Navigation
Lake Investigation Aboard A Research Vessel


Great Lakes Maritime Transportation

Great Lakes Maritime Transportation
Teaching Resources
Lesson Plans
Teacher Institutes


Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support (MEECS) Home Page - NEW!

MEECS Web Modules

2 Outdoor Science Field Trips
    General Field Trip Information & Logistics

2 Forestry Education
    Forestry Education Materials
    Resource specialists
    And more

Frogs as Bioindicators

    Frog Deformity Surveys
    Educational Resources
    Michigan Frog Calling Calendar
    Michigan Frog Songs
    Frog Deformity Survey Forms
    Power Point Presentations
      (1) Frog Malformities--How can my students help?
      (2) Frogs as Bio-Indicators
      (3) Wetland Threats & Wetland Education
2 Lake Superior Youth Symposium May 2013 -- Tenh Biennial
2 Monitoring Torch Lake Superfund Site 

EPA Press Release
2 Stream Monitoring & Watershed Investigation

Western UP Science Fair

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Education Program Assistant
Michigan Technological University
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Houghton, MI 49931-1295
Tel: (906) 487-3341
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The Western UP Center offers a wide variety of K-12 outreach programs in science, mathematics and environmental education to improve K-12 science and mathematics education throughout the state of Michigan.

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