Lake Superior Day 2012: Copper Country Today Program on "Health of Lake Superior and the new Michigan Tech Great Lakes Research Center"

Lake Superior Day is endorsed by Gov. Snyder: Citizens are responsible for protecting and maintaining the beauty of Lake Superior's waters, shores and wildlife; we encourage Michigan citizens and visitors alike to acknowledge and celebrate Lake Superior.

Scientists interviewed:
Dr. Marty Auer, MTU Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dr. Noel Urban, MTU Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Joan Chadde, MTU Center for Science & Environmental Outreach

Topics discussed:
1. How each is involved with Great Lakes or Lake Superior research and education
2. How do scientists assess the health of the Great Lakes? Describe what is sampled and why: oxygen, temperature, light penetration, benthic organisms, plankton.
3. Are all of the Great Lakes healthy?
4. Describe Michigan Tech's new Great Lakes Research Center -- How will it enhance Great Lakes research and education?
5. What can citizens do to protect the Great Lakes?

Lake Superior Day was established by the Lake Superior Binational Forum as an annual day all around the basin to celebrate our connections to the world's largest freshwater lake. Everyone is invited to do something special on (or near) Sunday, July 15, to connect to the natural and human environment in the watershed, such as:

Clean up litter on a beach or pull invasive species.*
Take a photograph of your favorite spot in the Lake Superior basin and email it to They'll share it on their Facebook pages and website.
Fly a kite, which is a symbol of clean energy. Clean air means clean water.
Bring educational materials to your family picnic, like the Forum's free paper placemat supported by a grant through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Forum members and volunteers have distributed almost 300,000 placemats to about 200 businesses all around the lake this year.
Get on the water! Kayak, sail, canoe, motor boat, personal water craft--whatever vessel you prefer! Or swim in the lake!

People can now listen to it online.

Keweenaw Now has posted the links to the Copper Country Today Program as part of their article:

WOLV News Director, Rick Allen, who conducted the Copper Country Today interview with Lake Superior scientists and educators at Michigan Tech, Dr. Marty Auer, Dr. Noel Urban, and Joan Chadde, has posted the program here:




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