NEW Outdoor Science field trip coordinator for Center

Erica Thompson
Join me in welcoming the Center's NEW Outdoor Science field trip coordinator, Erica Thompson. Erica has been in the local area for the past 2-1/2 years and has met many local students through her work as a substitute teacher. Erica is from Alaska---she has her 100-ton captain's license and comes from a fishing family. She has lots of "fishy stories"!  Erica has experience organizing "big" events and getting kids excited about science---she worked as an outreach coordinator and event planner for the Copper River / Prince William Sound Marketing Association and as a science education specialist at the Prince William Sound Science Center. In addition to leading the outdoor science field trips for for the Center, Erica will also co-teach an after school classes starting with "Wild About Winter" for grades 1-3 students that will begin January 27. Join me in welcoming, Erica Thompson!!

Outdoor Science Investigations at Forests, Fields, Ponds
and Streams Available to Grades K-12

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