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CCISD Area Wide Teacher Conference
Friday, October 14, 2005
Full Day Workshops

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List of Teachers' Conference Workshops

Academic Service Learning Dr. Susie Amato-Henderson
Northern Lights Conference Room 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. K-12 0.5 SB-CEU lunch included limit 50 participants
Service Learning is an approach to education that links community service to academic achievement by combining service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community.Come and experience a service project firsthand. Appropriate for all grade levels and subject areas. Participants will be eligible to apply for a Service Learning grant.

Astronomy Workshop Series Oct. 14 and Nov. 21, 2005 Dr. Wellesley Pereira
ATDC Building on MTU Campus On Sharon Ave, East of Garnet Street, near the MTU Football field. 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 9-12 0.5 SB-CEU limit 20 participants
This interactive workshop series consists of an October 14 workshop, evening Observatory Workshop on October 14, and the November 21, workshop. This series will focus on how to set measurable student learning objectives in astronomy courses. To improve instruction, participants will learn how to create productive learning environments by using interactive lectures, peer instruction, engaging demonstrations, collaborative groups, tutorials, and observational projects. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the MTU Observatory and view objects in the night sky on October 14.

Classroom Discipline Todd Johnson
Houghton High School Cafeteria _______ 8:30a.m.-3:00p.m.
Gr. K-12 0.5 SB-CEU lunch included no limit of participants
The most effective instruction and greatest amount of student learning take place in classrooms and schools where there are well-defined rules and specific consequences. It is almost impossible to meet NCLB standards without a good classroom management system. Todd Johnson will share his discipline plan that holds students responsible for their actions and has realistic consequences for inappropriate behaviors.

Clay in the Classroom Mary Ann Predebon
Community Arts Center - Hancock 9:00a.m.-3:50p.m.
Art Education 0.6 SB-CEU limit 8 participants
For art teachers only. Participants will learn about different clay bodies building techniques, kiln firing, etc. through demonstrations, hands-on plus handouts. Returning students are encouraged to bring questions for troubleshooting answers. In-service will include a primitive firing (bisque pots will be provided) with discussion for including clay projects in social studies, history or geography lessons.

Conscious Discipline Jeannette French
Houghton High School Auditorium 8:00a.m.-3:30p.m.
Preschool, K-1 0.6 SB-CEU lunch included no limit of participants
Ms. French will present the basics of the Conscious Discipline Program based on Dr. Becky Bailey's Loving Guidance for Children preschool through grade 1. Information will include classroom structure for creating safety, importance of rituals for a caring environment, methods to assist in self calming, delivering two positive choices, using assertive language and many more practical ideas for child care providers and teachers.

GPS Training Maureen Schick
Lake Linden School Forest 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 6-12 0.5 SB-CEU limit 20 participants
This in-service will show you how you can use GPS and mapping in your classes. An overview of topics and resources will be provided for teachers use when developing their own lessons. Topics will include history of maps/map systems and the mathematics of mapping a round object on a flat surface. Designed mainly for math and social science teachers, other teachers may also find applications or uses. The afternoon will be spent discussing how to set up a GPS course and then running the course set up at the Lake Linden-Hubbell School Forest.

Healthy Hearts for Life – Physical Education Ray Sharp
CCISD Distance Learning Room 9:00a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. K-12 0.5 SB-CEU limit 40 participants

For physical education teachers. Healthy Hearts for Life will bring federal grant dollars to Copper Country and Gogebic-Ontonagon schools in the form of training, curriculum, equipment and community events to support programs that promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. Topics to be covered include: trends in childhood obesity, nutrition and physical activity; promising approaches in physical education/wellness; Michigan PE Content Standards and Benchmarks; intro to the EPEC Curriculum; EPEC success stories; and next steps in the Healthy Hearts Initiative. This session is required for all participants in the Healthy Hearts for Life project.

Full Day Workshops

Introductory GMAW and GTAW (MIG & TIG Welding) Mark Bonenfant
Calumet High School Metal Shop 8:30a.m.-3:00p.m.
Gr. 9-12 no SB-CEU limit 15 participants
Priority given to Industrial Arts Teachers This workshop will introduce teachers to MIG welding principles welding carbon steels. It will also present TIG welding of Aluminum plate. Participants will have the opportunity to hone their skills working in the welding shop practicing both methods.

Michigan’s NEW! Water Curriculum Joan Chadde
ATDC Building on MTU Campus On Sharon Ave, East of Garnet Street, near the MTU Football field. 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 5-8 0.5 SB-CEU limit 25 participants
Be the first to get trained on Michigan’s Environmental Education Curriculum for Water. Topics in Groundwater, Great Lakes, Water Cycle, Streams, and Rivers will be explored. All participants will receive a notebook containing nine lessons, posters, video and other classroom materials.

Power Writing Plus Follow Up Shirley Poulton
The Bluffs Senior Living Center, Houghton 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 2-8 0.5 SB-CEU lunch included limit 75 participants
This workshop provides current users of power writing an opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge of this powerful way to tech writing to students. Participants will learn additional strategies and ways to refine their techniques. This workshop will have new and different material then last February’s follow-up.

StarLab Training Ken Raisanen
Ontonagon High School 9:00a.m.-3:30p.m.
K-12 0.5 SB-CEU lunch included limit 20 participants
Explore the wonderful and magical world of astronomy. Learn how to operate STARLAB, a portable planetarium, (set-up time is 10 minutes) so you can take your students on a journey from the South Pole to the Equator and on to the North Pole. Show them the sky as it looks right now in the Copper Country as well as at the far end of the Australian outback. Explore the nature of our galaxy, the composition of our Solar System and the condition of our home – Earth. Look deep beneath the Earth’s crust to see the tectonic plates and study causes and effects of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. STARLAB can also serve as a great vehicle for exploring different cultures - the Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans.

Stimulating Simulations in Social Studies Ted Holmstrom
Chassell Township Schools 8:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 5-12 0.5 SB-CEU limit 25 participants
Hands-on, experimental leanring is a powerful way to learn social studies. Teachers will have the opportunity to experience various simulations that can be replicated in their social studies classrooms in this workshop. Participants will experience three different simulations.

Update on AutoCAD 2006 Dennis Bastian
Calumet High School CAD Lab 8:30a.m.-3:00p.m.
Gr. 9-12 no SB-CEU limit 15 participants
Priority given to Industrial Arts Teachers This workshop will update teachers with the new features of Autocad 2006. Participants will have the opportunity to work with the Autocad program. A demonstration of Stereo Lithography system will also be presented.

Your Library Program: How to Keep Up When Things Keep Changing Greta Erm & Kristan Furdak
CCISD TBA 9:00-3:30p.m.
Gr. K-12 Library Media Specialists 0.5 SB-CEU lunch included limit 25 participants
Participants will develop strategies to assess their library program, explore new tools (including United Streaming) to create a dynamic library program, and be given practical tips to market their library program.

Half Day Workshops

Engineering Activities for Middle and High School Students Heather Simpson
CCISD Board Room 12:20p.m.-3:30p.m.
Gr. 7-12 0.3 SB-CEU limit 15 participants
Teachers will have an opportunity to sample activities from the Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies (Ford PAS) Engineering Curriculum.
This curriculum is an academically rigorous, standards-based program that provides secondary students with high-quality interdisciplinary learning experiences that challenge them academically and develop their problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

Expand Learning Opportunities Through Digital Discovery and United Streaming Kristan Furdak
CCISD Computer Lab Choose one of two sessions 8:30-11:40a.m. & 12:20-3:30p.m.
Gr. K-12 0.3 SB-CEU limit 25 participants
REMC#1 provides every teacher in the CCISD and GOISD with access to Unitedstreaming. Unitedstreaming has grown to over 4,000 videos, 40,000 video clips, and thousands of images and clip art-- appropriate for every age and learning level, correlated to Michigan Benchmarks, searchable by keyword, subject, topic, grade and curriculum standard. Explore the new Unitedstreaming features including the Teacher Center and Learning Tools. Discover new ways of using and integrating video clips. Learn how to join the Discovery Educator Network, a community of dynamic educators who are integrating digital media into the classroom curriculum in creative and inspiring ways.

Mi GLaNCE Shawn Oppliger
CCISD Board Room 8:30a.m.-11:40a.m..
Gr. 5-8 0.3 SB-CEU limit 15 participants
This workshop will provide teacher with instructional materials for portions of the Michigan Mathematics Grade Level Content Expectations from the Numbers and Operations strand. Participants will experience lessons that help develop a deeper understanding of the Numbers and Operation Strand. Materials include a teaching sequence, teacher tips, student misconceptions, classroom activities and vocabulary.

IDEA ‘04 (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Sharon Arend
CCISD Multi-Purpose Room 8:30-11:40a.m.
Special Education 0.3 SB-CEU no limit of participants
This in-service will focus on IDEA ’04 amendments and changes to forms and to our local delivery system. It will help special education personnel understand and implement the many changes that resulted from the 2004 amendment.

Workplace Wellness TBA
CCISD Multi-Purpose Room 12:20-3:30p.m.
Special Education no SB-CEU no limit of participants
Activities and ideas to school personnel to achieve increased health and wellness in the workplace. For more information, contact Sue Mewbourn
at 482-4250 ext. 103 or


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