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2005 TiViTz Photos


2005 TiViTz

Results of the 2005 TiViTz Contest listed below:

Fourth Place:
Devin Joyal (4th grade), Ben Bjorn (5th grade), Ricky Kilpela (6th grade), Dyan Tollefson (7th grade), Katie Mattila (8th grade)

Third Place:
Ashley Laux (4th grade), Isaac Bukovich (5th grade), Hannah Rundman (6th grade), Anne Jarvey (7th grade), Jamie Puuri (8th grade)

Second Place:
Gabrielle Kyllonen (4th grade), Arthur Kangas (5th grade), Trent Rajala (6th grade), Jared Johnson (7th grade), Emily Manninen (8th grade)

First Place:
Justin Yokie (4th grade), Elliot Meese (5th grade), Travis Tollefson (6th grade), jenna Hyrkas (7th grade), Mirando Aho (8th grade)

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