Michigan Tech Board Praises Outreach to K-12 Students and Teachers

"The scope and range of Michigan Tech's involvement in K-12 education is impressive," said Lenora Ashford, member of the Michigan Tech Board of Control in her Academic Affairs committee report to the University's governing board at its regular meeting today last Friday, Dec. 11. "The next generation of Michigan Tech students is now being prepared in the K-12 schools."

Among Michigan Tech's K-12 programs are a dozen professional development courses attended by an average of 200 teachers each summer, the only Peace Corps Master's International program in science education in the nation, more than 20 K-12-related projects supported by $12.7 million in outside funding and teacher certification in 11 fields.

In a report requested by the Academic Affairs Committee at a July 2009 Board retreat, Interim Provost Max Seel noted that Michigan Tech offers:

•      About a dozen professional development courses to an average of 200 teachers each summer.

•      More than 20 K-12-related projects supported by $12.7 million in outside funding during the 2009-2010 academic year.

•      The only Peace Corps Master’s International Program in Science Education in the nation.

•      Teacher certification in 11 fields. Since 1971, more than 900 students have earned certification to teach grades 6 to 12, along with a Bachelor of Science in an academic field. They currently teach in 28 states.

•      A Master of Science in Applied Science Education to practicing K-12 teachers.

The K-12 report was prepared by Brad Baltensperger, chair of Tech’s Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences—home to the Division of Teacher Education.



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