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Summer Institutes & Courses For Teachers
Summer 2007

Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Teacher Institute

July 30 - August 3

Explore the historical, economical and environmental aspects of Great Lakes shipping at the “head of the lakes.” Based in Duluth, participants will tour the harbor, north shore, and meet with industry. Addresses social studies and science standards. Gr. 4-12. 2 cr. ED 5680

Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Teacher Institute Website
or as Great Lakes Maritime Transportation Teacher Institute Breochure PDF

global change

Global Change Institute for Teachers
June 25-29

Develop lessons to engage students in real-world study of global climate change and its effects on ecosystems. 3 cr. ED 5641/FW 5641

Global Change Teacher Institute Website
or as
Global Change Teacher Institute Brochure PDF

Forest Ecology and Resources
July 15-20

Bring the forest into your K-12 classroom with an exploration of forest ecology, management, ildlife, soils, insects, and disease. 3 cr. ED 5630

Forest Ecology & Resources Teacher Institute
or as
Forest Ecology & Resources Teacher InstituteBrochure PDF

Ecology of Isle Royale
June 17-23

Explore the ecology and history of Isle Royale through wilderness backpacking, conversations with researchers, and examination of research data. 3 cr. ED 5560

Ecology of Isle Royale Brochure PDF

utah geology

Geology of Utah's National Parks
June 16-July 1

Field course based in the Nat'l Parks and Monuments of east Utah. Learn how climate, sea level, and mountain-building change landscapes through time. 4 cr. GE 5130

Geology of Utah's National Parks


Advanced Ecology of Isle Royale
July 1-7

Explore the terrestrial and aquatic ecology of Isle Royale indepth through field methods, wilderness immersion, and paddling the park's waterways. 3 cr. ED 5640

Advanced Ecology of Isle Royale Brochure PDF

Engineering for Educators
June 18-22

Introduces engineering problem-solving and design process, with emphasis on engineering applications in math and science teaching. 2 cr. ENG5102


Engineering for Earth Science Education
July 9-13

Lab and field work studying water quality assessment using Palm-based labs and scanning electron microscopes to build student skills. 2 cr. ENG 5301


Engineering Applications in the Physical

July 16-27

How engineers use principles from physical sciences to solve problems and design systems. Concepts linked to national and state science standards. 4 cr. ENG 5200


Mathematics and Navigation for Teachers
July 16-20

Learn theory and practice of marine navigation; solve navigation problems with math, instrumentation, and GPS on the Michigan Tech research vessel, Agassiz. 2 cr. ED 5661

Brochure PDF

Developing Algebraic Thinking
June 24-29

Video cases of mathematics teaching and learning will be used to analyze and understand algebraic thinking in grades 5-9. 3 cr. ED 5665


Engineering in Earth Science
June 25-29

Problem-solving in the earth sciences, emphasizing applications in mathematics and science teaching.
2 cr. ENG5302


Using Environment to Teach Science and Social Studies
June 18-20

Hands-on introduction to Michigan's new curriculum units for grades 4-9. Ecosystems and biodiversity; land use; water quality; air quality; energy resources. 1 cr. ED 5640

Department of Education, Michigan Tech

Statistics and Probability Institute for Teachers
June 18-29

Strengthen your understanding of statistics and probability topics required at the 9-12 level and issues associated with teaching these topics. 4 cr. MA5910

Department of Education, Michigan Tech

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