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Bats: Flyers of the Night Sky (Gr. 1-6)

A notebook of background information, classroom lessons, video, posters, photos, bat specimens and skulls, children’s books including Stellaluna, plus a field guide to bats and the Bat House Builder’s Handbook.

Bird Activity Kit  (K-5)

Skulls, wings, feathers and talons from owls, loons and hawks; children's trade books, a notebook of lessons and activities, and reference books.

Bird Beak Adaptations Kit  (K-12)

Contains the “beak tools” and food types of a half dozen birds to facilitate teaching a lesson on beak adaptations.

Can You Dig Groundwater? (Gr. 3-5)

Students learn how groundwater is recharged by becoming water drops moving through different Earth materials‐‐‐sand, clay, gravel. Next, students construct a groundwater well in cups of gravel and “pump” their wells. Lastly, students discover how groundwater can become polluted and ways to protect groundwater supplies.

Community & Place-Making (Gr. 3-8)

Contains more than a dozen children’s books exploring the concept of “place” and the consequences of changing land uses, curriculum/activity guides, and two DVDs titled Walkable Communities and Community Choices to engage students in an examination of development patterns and what they choose for their community.

Drawing Children into Nature (Gr.K-12)

28 64‐crayon boxes, 10 Wendy Halperin drawing DVDs and a notebook of drawings will make you the pro!

Enviroscape Model (Gr. 2-10)            

A fiberglass tabletop model (3’ x 3’) of a community, with a stream and lake, is perfect for demonstrating how stormwater runoff from different land uses, including forests, farms, streets, neighborhoods, wastewater treatment plant, gas station, construction sites, and industry can reach surface and groundwater. A teaching manual is included.      

All About Forests   (Gr. 1-6)

Contains a set of ten tree cookies, children’s books and “first” field guides for Birds, Wildflowers, Trees, Insects, Mammals, and Tracks & Scat.

Forest Measurement Kit (Gr. 6-12)

Contains classroom set of meter tapes, D‐tapes, and angle gauges, plus a clinometer, and increment borer, and field guides for Birds, Wildflowers, Trees, Insects, Mammals, and Tracks & Scat.

Fossils of Long Ago (Gr. 2-8)

The kit contains hands‐on actvities, children's books, fossil ID guides, and the 35‐minute Eyewitness Dinosaur video that explores the amazing world of dinosaurs to engage students in learning about prehistoric life. This kit will enable students to identify the 4 steps to form a fossil, make their own fossil (plaster of Paris not included), and dig for real fossil specimens.

Great Lakes Activity Kit (Gr. 4-12)

9’ x 12’ canvas floor map of the Great Lakes Basin along with laminated labels of ports, states, countries, along with activity guides, children’s books, posters and maps.

Great Lakes Maritime Chest (Gr. 1-8)

Includes 9’ x12’ Great Lakes canvas floor map, port , country, state, and river labels, plus cargo samples of taconite, coal, limestone, grain and salt, plus children’s books, maps, Steel Starts Here DVD, and activity guides.

Groundwater Model   (Gr. 4-12) 

The operation of the groundwater model illustrates the interaction of groundwater with rainfall, a stream, a lake, a landfill, and two drinking water wells. The model resembles an aquarium filled with sand and gravel. Colored dyes are used to indicate the effects of different sources of groundwater pollution. Includes set up/clean up instructions and diagrams.

Insects: What’s the Buzz?  (K-6)

Contains lessons, activity guides, children's literature, posters, field guides, video, preserved specimens, and magnifiers that address insects' life cycles, habitats, physical characteristics, and survival strategies.

Investigating Groundwater: The Fruitvale Story (Gr. 6-9)   

Contains an activity guide with five easy‐to‐follow lessons that guide students in a groundwater contamination investigation. Students consider land use and topography as they select 12 wells “to sample” from 40 well samples available in the kit. Using the test results from the 12 sampled wells, students draw a contamination plume, and participate in a role play.

Lake Superior Floor Map (Gr. 5-12)

9’x12” canvas map, laminated labels, and lengths of yarn for rivers aid in teaching about watersheds, ports, and geography of Lake Superior.

Native American Cultural Kit (Gr. K-5)

Children’s book, maps, posters, videos, native artifacts and a curriculum manual aid in teaching about the Native cultures of the Great Lakes region.

Owl Activity Kit (All Ages)

Contains a great‐horned owl and an eastern screech owl to display in your classroom while you teach about owls. Includes lesson plans and activities for dissecting owl pellets, owl life history, owl pellet ID sheet. Owl pellets are not included. (Owls are on loan from Michigan Technological University School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science.)

Rock Identification Kit (Gr. 4-8)

Contains a lesson and resources for teaching rock identification. Includes the National Audubon Society First Field Guide – Rocks and Minerals, The Geologic Map of the Great Lakes Region, and mineral ID kits for students containing: nail pick, penny, scratch plate, acid bottle.

5 Stream Tables (Gr. 6-9)

Contains all you need for creating streams and other landforms, all in a convenient tabletop size. Comes with five plastic trays with drain (48”L x 14” W x 3”H), stream trough, elevating wedge, 6’ siphon tube and clamp, plus an instruction manual and sample lesson plans.

Things that Move (Gr. K-5)

Contains samples of transportation modes: car, train, plane, ship; plus notebook of lessons, children’s books, maps, and posters.

Trash Talk: Recycling & Waste (Gr. 4-8)

Students will make Garbage Pizzas and a No‐Waste lunch, discover what recycled items are turned into, and complete a take‐home survey.

Where Is Water in the World? (Gr. 2-8)

Students can play the water cycle game and use the labeled cups to estimate where water is distributed on Earth.

Wildlife Furs of Michigan     

Contains a wildlife activity notebook and 19 Michigan mammals furs: badger, bear, beaver (sm & lg), bobcat, coyote, deer, ermine, fisher, gray fox, marten, mink, moose, muskrat, nutria, opossum, otter, raccoon, red fox and skunk. (This kit is on loan from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and made possible by fur harvester license fees allocated for research and education.)

Wildlife Tracks Kit    

 With 16 different wildlife tracks, many common to our area, along with lessons, field guide, supplies, and instruc��ons for making track casts (must provide own plaster of Paris).       

Wolf Trunk (includes skull collection)       

Contains a wolf pelt, set of 8 wildlife skulls and skull ID book, children’s literature about wolves, and lessons for teaching about this threatened wildlife species.

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